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Lucero Ramirez Varela

PhD in Psychology and Social Intervention


Program: PhD in Psychology and Social Intervention

Year Entered Program: 2022

Research Interests: Social and Emotional Learning (SEL); SEL assessment; Prevention science; Education interventions; Education in low-emergencies and crisis-protracted settings

Principal Advisor(s): TBD

Research Description/Bio: Lucero Ramirez-Varela is a doctoral student in the Psychology and Social Intervention Program at NYU Steinhardt. Lucero is passionate about understanding how high-quality evidence about developmental science can lead and promote action across multiple stakeholders. She is especially interested in (1) understanding how environmental factors play a crucial role in children’s social-emotional development in low and middle-income countries; (2) understanding which are the critical factors in programming, that promote children’s development in education contexts, (3) investigating how certain contextual factors can serve as protective mechanisms against adversity; (4) developing innovative ways to assess social and emotional skills, and (5) building interventions across different systems to promote healthy development and school environments, especially in ECE.
She holds a Master’s in Education from Harvard University , and a Master's and Bachelor degree in Psychology from Universidad de los Andes.

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