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For Employers

Internship Program Guidelines

We welcome relevant professional opportunities for our students. Internships generally coincide with the academic semester. Review the NYU academic calendar for details.

For your post to be listed, opportunities must meet our standards and will be activated at our discretion:

  • Employers should think of interns as individuals to mentor.
  • Students will not displace regular employees, but rather work under their close observation.
  • Interns must have a supervisor, a physical office space to work in, and may not telecommute or be asked to use their own personal equipment such as a laptop or camera.
  • Students may not work on commission, may not be asked to promote products on campus, and may not replace a position normally performed by a paid staff member. 
  • Postings with a personal email address (i.e. gmail, yahoo) or without a valid company address, website, and phone number will not be approved.

How to Post an Internship Opportunity

If you would like to post an internship for students in our department, please complete our online internship posting form. Please format the text, including line breaks, bold font, and bullets. After you submit the form, you will receive an email asking for verification. Once you've verified it, it will be reviewed by our staff. If approved, students will view your listing on our password-protected website. We recommend that you post the opportunity 6-8 weeks before the start of the academic semester. Your posting will remain visible to students until the end of the semester's registration period.

Additional NYU Recruitment Resources
Our database is accessed by our media studies students. For interns with production or business backgrounds, you might consider contacting these NYU units:

Credit or Pay?

We strongly recommend that employers offer compensation to interns. If the internship is paid, students can choose whether or not they want to register for academic credit. In order to earn credit for an internship, our students must be at the junior, senior or graduate level, and must register by the end of the drop/add period. Students can choose to earn either two or four credits per semester (not to exceed 6 during their academic career) based on how many working hours are spent at the company. These are minimum hours worked, i.e. students can decide to work as many hours as acceptable under federal employment law and earn only one credit.

Credit to Hours Worked Ratio
2 credits = 90 hours worked
4 credits = 180 hours worked

Registration Process
When interning for credit, students handle the registration process with their academic advisor. Students register by submitting an Internship Agreement Form. This form has a section that the employer fills out. Since an original signature is needed from the employer, students should plan to meet with the supervisor in person and complete the form together. It is an opportunity for the student and employer to discuss goals and expectations for the internship.

How Students Are Evaluated
Students who earn credit for their internships are asked to conduct an in-depth analysis of the company. Depending on the company, this could be a description of the news stories produced, journal articles written, press releases made or press kits assembled, events organized, new talent recruited, etc.

Among other research methods, we strongly encourage students to read the company website and annual report, decipher the ownership structure of the company, and conduct informational interviews with key people at the company. Please be as accommodating as possible to make their experience educational.

Finally, we ask that the company complete our intern evaluation form. Students can either email this to their supervisor or bring in a hard copy of the form.