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Sarah Vogel

PhD in Developmental Psychology Student


Program: PhD in Developmental Psychology

Year entered Program: 2018

Research Interests: Early life stress, poverty, cognitive development, emotional development

Principal Advisor(s): Dr. Clancy Blair, Dr. Natalie Brito

Research Description/Bio: 

Sarah Vogel is a doctoral student in the Developmental Psychology program at NYU Steinhardt. Her faculty mentors are Dr. Clancy Blair and Dr. Natalie Brito. Sarah’s research interests revolve around how early life stress, particularly poverty-related stress, influences children’s neurocognitive development and mental health. Through her research, Sarah hopes to understand physiological and psychological mechanisms by which stress influences development, with particular interest in associations between the gut microbiome, systemic inflammation, and brain development. Sarah graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and French from the University of Rochester in 2016, where she worked on a number of community-based research projects under the guidance of Drs. Catherine Cerulli, Patrick Davies, and Melissa Sturge-Apple. After completing her undergraduate degree, Sarah spent 2 years as a lab manager with Dr. Laura Germine at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Sarah’s ultimate goal is to use science as a tool for social advocacy to support families.

Curriculum vitae