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Shamari Reid

Shamari Reid

Assistant Professor

Teaching and Learning

Dr. Shamari Reid (he/him/his) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning. Dr. Reid completed his doctoral work in Curriculum and Teaching at Teachers College, Columbia University. In addition, he holds an M.A. in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and TESOL from New York University, and a B.A. in Spanish and Education from Oklahoma City University.

As a scholar, Dr. Reid’s work explores how Black trans and queer youth and their communities sustain themselves amidst oppression, as well as how we can collaborate with these communities to better transform schools into sites of equitable opportunities for Black LGBTQ+ youth. His dissertation, which explores the agency of Black LGBTQ+ youth in NYC’s ballroom culture was awarded the 2022 Dissertation of the Year Award by the Queer Studies SIG of AERA. In addition to working with Black LGBTQ+ communities to reimagine schools, Dr. Reid’s work examines radical love as a moral imperative in social justice education and as a path toward culturally sustaining school communities, which he explores in his recent book, Humans who teach: A guide to centering love, justice, and liberation in schools



Selected Publications


Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Book Contributions

  • Reid, S. (2024). The beautiful, beautiful river: Toni Morrison and theorizing Blackness outside the white gaze. In  R. Hampton, S. Habtom, & J. Williams  (Eds.), Conceptualizations of Blackness in Educational Research. Routledge.
  • Tran, V.A., Saunders, E.C., Reid, S., & Fube, L. (2022). Conceptions of care and graduate student researcher positionality: Struggling to reconcile “researcher” care with personal moral commitments. In K. Clonan-Roy, N. Gross, P. Nagarajan, & V. Vasudevan (Eds.), Caring and being there: Complicating qualitative research with youth in school settings. London: Bloomsbury Publishing.
  • Reid, S., & Sealey-Ruiz, Y. (2022). Love as a moral imperative in teaching and teacher education. In D.  Hucks, Y. Sealey-Ruiz, V. Showunmi, & S. Carothers (Eds.), Purposeful teaching and learning in diverse contexts: Education for access, equity and achievement. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
  • Reid, S., Reid, J., & Reid, J. (2021). A trioethnography on our experiences as BlackGay youth. In T. Folwer, & W. Wallen  (Eds.), Duoethnographic encounters: Opening spaces for difficult dialogues in times of uncertainty, pp.23-32. New York,  NY: DIO Press.
  • Reid, S., & Devereaux, C. (2019). Why can’t you see us? The visibilization of Blackwomen and Blackqueer folx. In P. Boda (Ed.), Essays on exclusion: Our critical, collective journey toward equity in education, pp.65-84.New York, NY: DIO Press Inc.
  • Reid, S. (2019 ). “…And we became dragonflies”: Centering students’ counternarratives in the classroom. In J. Wearing, M. Ingersoll, C. Deluca, B. Bolden, H. Ogden, & T.M. Christou (Eds.), Key Concepts in Curriculum Studies: Perspectives on the fundamentals. New York, NY: Routledge.


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