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Meg is an artist and researcher interested in the feedback between material environments and aesthetic experiences. Her academic work focuses on how design practices and expressions of taste—particularly those entangled with the Western idea of Nature—can perpetuate or remedy existing inequalities. She researches how humans can live out their relationships with their environments through sensory dispositions and representational practices rather than through explicit narratives. She is especially interested in architecture, textiles, and materials design, and in the dual role of technology as both feature of the environment and as a perceptual apparatus. These explorations are informed by Meg's years working in Baltimore, her hometown, as an educator, organizer, and coordinator for the public employment system. She holds an MSc from the School of Geography and the Environment at the University of Oxford, as well as a BA from Fordham University. 


Media, Culture, and Communication

Our media studies programs train agile researchers of a shifting media landscape. Learn to analyze media and technology in its cultural, social, and global contexts.

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