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Jacob W Glazier

Applied Psychology Adjunct Faculty

Applied Psychology

Jacob W. Glazier, PhD, LPC, NCC, has a doctorate degree in Psychology: Consciousness and Society from the University of West Georgia. He has his Master of Science in Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree from Western Illinois University and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Psychology degree from Augustana College. Currently, Dr. Glazier holds an Assistant Professor of Psychology appointment in the Department of Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology at the University of West Georgia. He is also periodically an online Adjunct Professor in the Department of Applied Psychology at New York University. His research tends towards a transdisciplinary approach via theoretical and philosophical models and includes subjects like critical theory, embodiment, and desire as well as their relation to praxis and clinical practice. He also provides therapy services online. His work has been published in academic journals that include Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society, Subjectivity, Mortality, Critical Horizons, Rhizomes, Journal for Cultural Research, and others.

My newest book collected contributions on the intersection of paranormal studies and critical theory: Paranormal Ruptures: Critical Approaches to Exceptional Experiences.

I have also authored Arts of Subjectivity: A New Animism for the Post-Media Era under Bloomsbury Publishing.

Selected Publications

Glazier, J. W. (2022, December). Feminism at the forefront: A critical approach to exceptional experiences. Journal of Anomalistics, 22(2), 427-446. [View Publication External Resource]

Glazier, J. W. (2022, December). The last god: Lightning of turning in late Heidegger. Journal for Cultural Research, 26(3), 320-331. [View Publication External Resource]

Glazier, J. W. (2022). Clean, death, revolt: Sensual politics during quarantine. Awry: Journal of Critical Psychology, 3(1), 188-198. [View Publication External Resource]

Glazier, J. W. (2021, January). Here lies… Hermetics, psychoanalysis, and ethnocentrism: Using Abraham and Torok to help explain the rise of reactionary social groups. Psychotherapy and Politics International. [View Publication External Resource]

Glazier, J. W. (2020, October). The paranoia of popular culture: Lacanian psychoanalysis and music videos. The Popular Culture Studies Journal, 8(2.5). [View Publication External Resource]

Glazier, J. W. & Beck, T. (2019). A critical approach to abnormality. In R. K. Beshara (Ed.), A critical introduction to psychology (pp. 233-260). Nova Science Publishers, Inc. [View Publication External Resource]

Glazier, J. W. & Beck, T. (2018, August). Apocalypse, language, temporality: An alien encounter in Ted Chiang’s “Story of Your Life”. Subjectivity, 11(3), 267-284. [View Publication External Resource]