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Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng

Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng (程華宇)

Vice Dean for Research and Equity; Associate Professor of International Education

Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities


Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng is a sociologist whose scholarly and community-based work focuses on the social lives of marginalized youth. His interests include comparative perspectives on race/ethnicity (with a focus on China and the US), immigrant adaptation, and social capital within the school and educational context. As such, his research examines the social relationships in the lives of minority and immigrant adolescents in the US, gender and ethnic differences in education in China, and cultural and social capital transfers between adolescents in the US. His scholarship has appeared in journals such as American Educational Research Journal, Educational Researcher, Social Forces, and Social Science Research. Cherng received his doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania and Bachelor's from MIT, and he has taught in a public middle school in San Francisco and a college in rural China.

Selected Publications

  • Jia-Lin Liu* and Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng. 2022.  "Beyond Remittances: How face drives immigration stories of undocumented and mixed-status Chinese immigrant families." The Sociological Quarterly, 1-17.
  • Cherng, Hua-Yu Sebastian, Jia-Lin Liu*, and Martha Moreno*. 2022. "Health Inspector Ratings of Asian Restaurants during the Early COVID-19 Pandemic." Ethnicities.
  • Cherng, Hua-Yu Sebastian, Peter Halpin, and Luis Rodriguez. Forthcoming. "Teaching Bias? Relations between Teaching Quality and Classroom Demographic Composition." American Journal of Education 128 (2), 171-201.
  • Strassfeld, Natasha; Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng. Forthcoming. "Services for Juveniles with Emotional Disturbances in Secure-Care Settings: A Case-Study Examination of Racial Disparities and Recidivism." Behavioral Disorders 47(4), 257-269.
  • Villavicencio, Adriana; Chandler Patton-Miranda, Jia-Lin Liu*; Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng. Forthcoming. “What’s Going to Happen to Us?” Cultivating Partnerships with Immigrant Families in an Adverse Political Climate.” Harvard Educational Review 91 (3), 293-318.
  •  Davis, Laura; Jasmine Whiteside*; Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng. 2020. One Size Fits All? Gender, Race/ethnicity, and Happiness in Schools. Teachers College Record 123 (1), 1-28.

    * = Doctoral student


New Immigration and Education in the World

"Contemporary (im)migration is a global phenomenon that shapes populations and nations of inequality." Each semester will focus on a different national context of schooling and education. This course serves as an introduction to different theoretical and empirical scholarship on the role of education in the social adaptation on (im)migrants, and how race/ethnicity, social class,and gender matter.
Course #
INTE-GE 2545
Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities