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Corinne Brenner

Corinne Brenner

Research Assistant

Administration, Leadership, and Technology

Corinne Brenner is a Research Assistant at the CREATE Lab. She received her BA in psychology from Cornell University, and MSc in Social Psychology and Psychological Methods from the University of Amsterdam. She now attends NYU for her PhD in Educational Communication & Technology. Corinne's interests include quantitative methods using R, impact evaluation, and the use of immersive technology used for education and entertainment. Her work includes using clustering methods to detect patterns in gameplay for digital games, and the design and evaluation of co-located virtual reality experiences

Selected Publications

Ober, T. M., Brenner, C. J., Olsen, A., Homer, B. D., & Plass, J. L. (2021). Detecting patterns of engagement in a digital cognitive skills training game. Computers & Education, 165, 104144.

Plass, J. L., Homer, B. D., Pawar, S., Brenner, C., & MacNamara, A. P. (2019). The effect of adaptive difficulty adjustment on the effectiveness of a game to develop executive function skills for learners of different ages. Cognitive Development, 49, 56-67.

Gochfeld, D., Brenner, C., Layng, K., Herscher, S., DeFanti, C., Olko, M., ... & Perlin, K. (2018). Holojam in Wonderland: Immersive mixed reality theater. Leonardo, 51(4), 362-367.