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Anat Lubetzky

Associate Professor of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy


Anat Lubetzky, PT, PhD, CSCS is an Associate Professor at New York University, Department of Physical Therapy and the director of Steinhardt PhD program in Rehabilitation Sciences. Dr. Lubetzky, an NYU Aging Incubator Fellow, obtained her physical therapy training and an MSc in physical therapy from Tel Aviv university, Israel. She then received her PhD in Rehabilitation Science from the University of Washington in Seattle in 2014 followed by a 1-year visiting position at the NYU Physical Therapy Department. Research in Dr. Lubetzky's lab utilizes advances in virtual reality technology to study multi-sensory integration for postural control in adults with and without vestibular dysfunction and hearing loss across the life span. For her innovative work in technology and rehabilitation, Dr. Lubetzky received the Steinhardt School Gabriel Carras Research Award for a promising young scholar in 2017-2018 and the NYU Technology Acceleration and Commercialization Award in 2017. Her work has been funded by the NIH and the Hearing Health Foundation. Her current focus is studying the contribution of sounds to postural control given hearing or vestibular loss in different context and applying the knowledge gained to balance rehabilitation of people with vestibular disorders and fall prevention in people with hearing loss.

Selected Publications

For a complete list of publications see:

  • A. V. Lubetzky. Balance, Falls, and Hearing Loss: Is it Time for a Paradigm Shift? Invited Commentary on: Does Hearing Loss Increase Postural Instability In The Elderly? A Population-Based Study. JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. Online ahead of print April 2020.
  • A. V. Lubetzky, M. Gospodarek, L. Arie, J. Kelly, A. Roginska, M. Cosetti. Auditory Input and Postural Control in Adults: A Narrative Review. JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. Online ahead of print March 2020.
  • A. V. Lubetzky, J. Kelly, Z. Wang, M. Gospodarek, G. Fu, J. Sutera, B. D. Hujsak. Contextual Sensory Integration Training via Head Mounted Display for Individuals with Vestibular Disorders: A Feasibility Study. Dis Rehabil Assist Tech. Online ahead of print May 2020.
  • A. V. Lubetzky, D., Harel, J. Kelly, B. D. Hujsak, K. Perlin. Weighting and Reweighting of Visual Input via Head Mounted Display given Unilateral Peripheral Vestibular Dysfunction. Hum Mov Sci. 2019: 68:102526
  • A. V. Lubetzky, A. Soroka, D. Harel, T. Errico, J. Bendo, S. Shabat, E. Ashkenazi, Y. Floman, M. Moffat, Y. Masharawi. Static and dynamic balance in adults undergoing lumbar spine surgery: Screening and Prediction of Post-Surgical Outcomes. J Am Acad Orthop Surg. Epub Ahead of Print 2019.
  • A. V. Lubetzky, Z. Wang, T. Krasovsky. Head Mounted Displays for Capturing Head Kinematics in Postural Tasks. J Biomech. 2019: 86: 175-182
  • A. V. Lubetzky, J. Kelly, Z. Wang, M.TaghaviDilamani, M. Gospodarek, G. Fu, E. Kuchlewski, B. D. Hujsak. Head Mounted Display Application for Contextual Sensory Integration Training: Design, Implementation, Challenges and Patient Outcomes. IEEE ICVR Conference, July 2019
  • M. A Aharoni, A. V. Lubetzky, Z. Wang, M. Goldman, T. Krasovsky. A Virtual Reality Four-Square Step Test for Quantifying Dynamic Balance Performance in People with Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness. IEEE ICVR Conference, July 2019
  • A.V. Lubetzky, B.D. Hujsak, J.L. Kelly, G. Fu K. Perlin. Control mechanisms of static and dynamic balance in adults with and without vestibular dysfunction in Oculus virtual environments. PM R. 2018: 10(11): 1223-1236.e2.
  • A.V. Lubetzky, B.D. Hujsak, G. Fu K. Perlin. An Oculus Rift Assessment of Dynamic Balance via Head Mobility in a Virtual Park Scene: A Pilot StudyMotor Control. 2018: 5: 1-16
  • A.V. Lubetzky, B.D. Hujsak. A Virtual Reality Head Stability Test for Patients with Vestibular Dysfunction. J Vestib Res. Accepted April 2018.
  • A.V. Lubetzky, D. Harel, E. Lubetzky. On the Effects of Signal Processing on Sample Entropy for Postural Control. PLoS ONE. 2018. 13(3): e0193460.2018.
  • A.V. Lubetzky, E. Kary, D. Harel, B.D. Hujsak, K. Perlin. Feasibility and Reliability of a Virtual Reality Oculus Platform to Measure Sensory Integration for Postural Control in Young Adults. Physiother Theory Pract. 2018: 34(12): 935-950.
  • A.V. Lubetzky, B. Hujsak, E. Kary, H. Darmanin, K. Perlin. An Oculus Platform to Measure Sensory Integration for Postural Control in Patients with Vestibular Dysfunction. IEEE ICVR Conference Proceedings. 2017.
  • A.V. Lubetzky, D. Harel, H. Darmanin, K. Perlin. Assessment via the Oculus of Visual ‘Weighting’ and ‘Re-weighting’ in Young Adults. Motor Control. 2017: 21(4): 468-482
  • A.V. Lubetzky, S.W. McCoy, R. Price, D. Kartin. Response to Tendon Vibration Questions the Underlying Rationale of 'Proprioceptive Training'. J Athl Train. 2017: 52(2): 97-107
  • A.V. Lubetzky,R. Price, S.W. McCoy.Effects of Achilles Tendon Vibration Surface and Visual Conditions on Lower Leg Electromyography in Young Adults with and without Recurrent Ankle Sprain.J Bodywork Mov Ther. 2016: 20(3): 639-49
  • Y. Segal-Snir Yael, A.V. Lubetzky, Y. Masharawi. Rotation exercise classes did not improve function in women with non-specific chronic low back pain: a randomized single blind controlled study. J Back Musculoskelet Rehabil. 2016: 29(3): 467-75.


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