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Student Choreographs "Mambo Bohemio" for Master's Dance Concert

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Mambo Bohemio is a piece about representation. It is modeled after the roots of a tree. Roots can preserve, absorb, and transport. Much like all of our history, roots are the foundation for which we can build. This piece incorporates NY Style Mambo and Latin Jazz, both music genres and dances that emerged in the 1940s and 1950s in New York City. "Mambo Bohemio" is a romantic, energetic, and passionate piece. It represents confidence and strength and combines the rhythms of Mambo with the improvisational style of Jazz influences. It merges past and present cultural references, entertaining and educating the audience. This performance is being danced to my first original piece of music, titled Mantequilla by Katherine Jimenez. Overall, this piece represents Latin/Afro-Latin culture and the celebration of its richness, diversity, and complexity. Featuring syncopated footwork, intricate steps, and turns, as well as smooth body movement and connection between the dancers. Similar to the roots of a tree, it is firmly planted in culture and growth. Showcasing the importance of remembering where we come from to continue to pave the way for where we are going.

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