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Professional headshot of João Souto-Maior

João Souto-Maior

Sociology of Education PhD Student

Name: João M. Souto Maior


Program: Sociology of Education

Research Interests: organizations; education policy, racial inequalities; computational methods.

Principal Advisor: R. L’Heureux Lewis-McCoy.

Research Description/Bio:

I am a fifth-year doctoral student in the sociology of education program. In my research, I rely on innovative methodological approaches---such as qualitatively informed agent-based models and machine learning techniques---to re-examining “old” questions in education research. Doing so, I hope to improve the quality of evidence on questions of great relevance to education policy and practice. I am particularly interested in questions related to the organization of educational institutions and how organizational decisions impact the formation of educational inequalities. During my doctoral studies, I have concentrated on questions concerning the emergence of educational inequalities---defined as access to advanced coursework---between Black and White students who attend the same school.

I am originally from São Paulo, Brazil. I received a BA in economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2017. After my undergraduate studies, I started as an economics doctoral student at the CUNY Graduate Center, where he studied for one year before transferring to NYU.

 Link to Personal Website.

Selected Publications, Awards, and Presentations:

Academic Publications:
Joao Souto-Maior (2023). “The presence of White students and the emergence of Black-White within-school inequalities: two interaction-based mechanisms.”  arXiv preprint available [here].

Joao Souto-Maior & Ravi Shroff (2023). “Adjusting for academic preparedness when estimating enrollment disparities in advanced high school coursework.” arXiv preprint available [here].

2023 NYU Steinhardt Dissertation Finishing Award.

Joao Souto-Maior (2023). “Unpacking the emergence of opportunity hoarding: an agent-based model of Black-White educational disparities within schools.”  Annual Conference of the International Network of Analytical Sociologists.