Students in Applied Psychology and Global Public Health / Applied Psychology who want to study away in Buenos Aires or Sydney have the amazing opportunity to not only take classes in these cities, but also complete major-related courses that take advantage of the international locations. Whether you're taking Developmental Psychology in Buenos Aires or Multicultural Counseling and Mental Health in Sydney, you'll get a unique global perspective on your Applied Psychology studies.

Study at NYU Buenos Aires

If you’re an Applied Psychology sophomore, we encourage you to spend your Fall semester at NYU's Buenos Aires center, an exceptional and intimate learning community that immerses you in the culture of a robust, cosmopolitan city.

To complement your daily life at NYU Bueno Aires, we provide extensive extra- and cocurricular offerings, as well as strategic collaborations forged with local institutions, including art museums; heritage sites; civic and state institutions; and faculties of law, medicine, and health professions.

Buenos Aires: Courses and Electives

Studying at NYU Buenos Aires enables you to continued your required coursework with unique benefits.

Study in Sydney

Applied Psychology juniors, spend your Fall at NYU Sydney! Located in Australia’s largest and most cosmopolitan city, NYU Sydney provides you unparalleled opportunity to live and study in a hub of commerce, culture, and communication in the Asia-Pacific region.

Your coursework and projects will be rooted in the community, with field-based research, internship opportunities, and your own explorations giving you a thorough experience of local society and culture.

Sydney: Courses and Electives

NYU Sydney provides a multitude of opportunities for Applied Psychology students that expand your horizons and get you closer to completing your degree requirements.

Student Life

Our on-site staff will provide support for you during your time abroad. We’ll help you connect with your host culture throughout your stay with orientation, trips, student clubs, and language exchanges. Housing is guaranteed to all students and will vary by location.

Further Opportunities

We offer many core, liberal arts, and content elective courses abroad that allow you to explore your interests across continents and cultures.

You can also gain professional experience through part-time internship opportunities. Each global location has unique professional opportunities tailored to diverse student interests. You can participate in internships for credit or not for credit, depending on your needs.

No matter where you choose to spend a semester abroad, you’ll gain new experiences and exposure to a wider world.

Please talk with your academic adviser about making our global locations work with your program of study.