Susan Koff

Clinical Professor of Dance Education

Susan Koff

Phone: (212) 992-9384

Dr. Susan R. Koff has over twenty years of experience teaching dance education in higher education. She was the director of the Graduate Dance and Dance Education Program in the Department of the Arts and Humanities at Teachers College, Columbia University and most recently Director of the Dance Education Program at NYU. She is a Clinical Professor of Dance Education in our Department and was a Fulbright Scholar visiting the National School of Contemporary Dance in Copenhagen.

Dr. Koff is currently chair of Dance and the Child International (daCi) which is a UNESCO organization. She served as a founding board member for the National Dance Education Organization, and was a Content Area Coordinator for the NDEO Research in Dance Education Project funded through the US Department of Education. She has over fifteen journal publications and has presented at numerous national and international conferences. As a member of the Interdisciplinary Committee of the National Arts Education Consortium, she co-wrote an interdisciplinary arts standards guide. In addition, she has led many in-service professional development projects for the implementation of Arts Standards in New York and New Jersey, as well as dance curriculum development projects in those states. Most recently she was chair of the dance committee that revised the New York State Standards for Dance. For twenty years she was a consultant for the Education Department of the New York City Ballet, helping to design and evaluate several integrated school-based programs. Currently she serves as a consultant for the New Orleans Ballet Association to evaluate the integrated school-based curriculum.