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Psych Cafe Poster

Psych Cafe

Applied Psychology

A place to say hello to the Applied Psychology community and introduce yourself and your work!

How to get involved

If you have a poster, we want to hear about it!

We will supply a poster stand, and allocate a few minutes for you to tell us a bit about your project. Our hope is to share one poster each Thursday and provide an opportunity for learning about your exciting work and engaging in informal dialogue with peers and other faculty.

Remember, your posters can be on a variety of topics and at any stage of research – from initial conceptualization to ongoing works in progress, to publication-ready! 

We will keep your poster up for the week as an additional way to increase visibility for your work. 

Please sign up by emailing Rachel Lindor directly. And even if you don't share your poster for that week, join us and support your peers!

What happens at Psych Café?


+ Prof. Hiro Yoshikawa 

Title: From Cradle to Kindergarten: A New Plan to Combat Inequality

+ Julius Utama -- APUG Student

Title: Contextualizing Emotional and Cultural Intelligence: the role of individual-level characteristics

+ Ayelet Abitbul -- APUG Student

Title: Digitizing Emotions: Contextual Variations in the Employment of Emotional Intelligence

+ McKenzie Berezin 

Title: Grabbing Hold of Our Wise Mind: Pilot Evaluation of a Multi-Level Intervention for Incarcerated Youth

+ Edward Lam -- APUG Student

Title: Resilience as a Moderator in Shame and Guilt for Legal System-Involved Youth with Histories of Trauma

+ Taymy Caso -- Counseling Psych Student

Title: A Multidimensional Dynamic Systems Approach to Understanding Identity Reconfigurations



+ Jake McCallum -- APUG Student

Title: Variation in Spatial Strategies and Task Performance across Ethnic Minority Children

+ Christopher Russo, Hanna Junus, and Anastasia Bacari -- APUG Students

Title: Studies in Transformation: Reflections of a Program Evaluation Amidst Change

+ Zoe Meyers + Daniel Lynne -- APUG Students

Title: Differences between bisexual and gay/lesbian youth in coming-out age, perceived family awareness, and perceived family acceptance. 

+ Paula Daneri -- Dev Psych Student

Title: Longitudinal Relations Between Caregiver Language Input and Child Language and Executive Function at Preschool

+ Victoria Dahl -- Counseling Psych Student

Title: Yoga and Mindfulness Interventions for Youth with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

+ Andrew Ribner -- Dev Psych Student

Title: Preschool Indicators of Primary School Math Ability



+ Sophia Hwang -- PSI Student

Title: Examining Multidimensional Outcomes after Early Elementary School Grade Retention

+ Yeshim Iqbal -- PSI Student

Title: Gender Disparities in Suicidal Risk of Callers on Suicide Prevention Helpline in Bangladesh

Watch the video!

+ Tess Yansich -- PSI Student

Title: Context Matters: An Examination of Differences in Civic Engagement in Economically and Ethnically Diverse Youth

Watch the video!

+ Brittany Mercante -- Data Manager, NYU Neuroscience and Education Lab

Title: Measuring Emotional Reactivity Among High-Risk Infants: How Urban and Rural Samples Compare

+ Esther Burson -- PSI Student

Title: Perceptions of stigma among minority groups in South Africa.

Watch the video!

+ Lauren Banker -- APUG Student

Title: Pupillary responses to thermal pain stimulation in healthy volunteers

Watch the video!



+ Erdoo Evelyn Tor-Agbidye -- HDSI Student 

Title: Private and Social Speech in Five-Year-Old Children During Challenging Tasks

+ Jessica Marie Dinac -- HDSI Student

Title: Oppression-sensitive programming for juvenile justice-involved girls: Examining a framework for Social Justice

+ Roxane Caires -- HDSI Student

Title: An Evaluation of WRITE ON: A Creative Writing Based Intervention for Incarcerated Youth

+ Chloe Greenbaum -- Counseling Psych Student

Title:  Design and Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of an Innovative Intervention for Incarcerated Youth

+ Jacqueline Yi (APUG), Bokyung Kim (APUG), Gurjinder Singh (CNGU) and Meredith Talibon (CMHW)

Title: Coping with Stress During and Post-Holocaust: Stories of Survivors 

+ Nirit Gordon -- Counseling Psych Student

Title: Violently Objecting? An Examination of Self-Objectification and Women’s Use of Violence

+ Joey LaBadia -- Counseling Mental Health and Wellness

Title: Developing a Youth-Centered Empirically Based Model to Reduce Sexual Risk-Taking Behaviors Among Incarcerated Teens

+ Corianna E. Sichel -- Counseling Psych Student

Title: Women’s Violence in the Context of Oppression: Accommodation, Resistance & Enforcement

+ Ashley Turbeville,  -- Counseling Psych Student

Title: Causal Effect of Experiencing a Death in the Household on Childhood Difficulties in South Africa



+ Jessica Harding -- PSI Student

Title: Increases in maternal education and children's cognitive and behavioral outcomes 

+ Sandra Anne Kupprat -- Counseling Psych Student

Title: Cognitive Functioning Among HIV+ Gay and Bisexual Men aged 50 and Older  

+ Ariane Ling -- Counseling Psych Student

TitleChallenges in meeting the mental health needs of urban Asian American adolescents: Service providers’ perspectives

Title: Exploring Academic and Vocational Aspirations Among Chinese Immigrant Young Adults

+ Meghan McCormick -- PSI Student

Title: Estimating causal effects of teacher-child relationships on reading and math achievement in a high-risk sample: A multi-level propensity score matching approach.

+ Josephine M. Palmeri -- Counseling Psych Student

Title: Risk-Taking Behaviors in First Generation Immigrant Adolescents: The Role of Acculturative Stress and Social Support

+ Amanda Parker -- APUG Student

Title: A Balancing Act: Cognitive and Affective Empathy in Children with Autism

+ Nidia Ruedas-Garcia -- HDSI Student 

Title: Project First-Gen: A Pilot Intervention Study Aimed at Increasing Social Capital of First Generation College Students

+ Christopher Stults -- Counseling Psych Student

Title: Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration and Victimization in a New Generation of Young Men who have Sex with Men

+ Erik D. Storholm -- Counseling Psych Student

Title: Cigarette Smoking as Part of a Syndemic among YMSM Ages 13-29 in New York City

+ Ming-Che Tu -- Counseling Psych Student

Title: Intersectionality of class and gender: A longitudinal analysis of depression among junior high school students in Nanjing China