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City buildings and a crosswalk

Urban Education

PhD in Teaching and Learning Concentration

Advance your knowledge, work with faculty members to conduct research, and prepare for a career as an innovative educational leader committed to scholarship and action in urban educational settings. You'll be most likely to be admitted if you have experience studying, working for, or advocating for change – in roles such as teacher, school leader, journalist, policymaker, or artist.

What You'll Learn

  • Urban school reform at the level of practice or policy
  • The intersections of education and community or in-school and out-of-school learning
  • Current issues involving equity gaps, college access, and youth culture

Your Academic Experience

New York City as Your Research Setting

NYU was founded in the early 19th century by advocates for a new kind of university, one built in the heart of the city and working on the problems of the city. Today, NYU Steinhardt affords its doctoral students an unparalleled opportunity to shape a scholarly career in this founding spirit. As a student in this doctorate, you'll have access to:

Small Classes and Doctoral Seminars

Courses in this program prepare you to conduct independent research in your area of interest. You'll design research proposals, implement a research agenda, and disseminate findings. You will also attend doctoral seminars that foster deep conversations on relevant texts and issues in the field. 

Work Closely with Our Renowned Faculty

The work of our research faculty explores and illuminates urban experience through sociology, psychology, literacy studies, cultural studies, policy studies. As a doctoral student in this program, you will study with a wide number of Steinhardt and other NYU faculty. 


Fabienne Doucet

Executive Director, Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools and Associate Professor of Early Childhood and Urban Education