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Executive Board

Undergraduate Student Government

2023-2024 Executive Board

Meet the officers of the current E-board! Please feel free to email them, schedule a meeting, and say hello to them on campus.


Tanisha Thakkar -

Tanisha (she/her) is a senior planning to major in Media, Culture, Communication and minor in Social and Public Policy. She is particularly interested in the intersection of media and policy and hopes to work in the field of human rights. She will serve as the President of Steinhardt’s Undergraduate Student Government (USG). Tanisha was born in Mumbai, India but also lived in London for a few years. Her cross-cultural experiences are what sparked her passion for advocacy. Tanisha’s roles at USG have been her most defining experiences at NYU, as they have allowed her to advocate for issues concerning international students and DEIAB topics. She is extremely excited to continue her work at USG and foster a stronger community for students at Steinhardt. Feel free to reach out with any concerns, questions or to chat!

Vice President

Sky Young -

Sky YoungSky (he/him) is a junior focusing on a dual major in applied psychology and public policy with a minor in social work. Serving as the chair of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Belonging (DEIAB) Committee, as well as the interim alt senator, Sky strives to advocate for empathy and active listening within his community. Sky is able to provide an all-around excellent insight into the message of Steinhardt and the resources NYU has to offer.  In Sky’s free time, he enjoys a good book, baking, exploring, or simply settling in for a movie night with friends. Coming from Denver, Colorado, Sky equally enjoys going on hikes and getting extremely hyper when seeing the ocean (imagine living in a landlocked state that is a part-time desert part-time frozen tundra). Thrilled to help his peers continue to adjust as well as work with transfer students, Sky looks forward to promoting a stronger community within Steinhardt.

Senator & Secretary

Saiki Ho -

Saiki Ho (she/her) is a rising junior majoring in Education Studies, with a concentration in Impact and Entrepreneurship, and pursuing minors in Public Policy and Management. Born in Shanghai, she had the opportunity to grow up in diverse metropolitan areas such as Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, and New York City, which enabled her to meet new people and become more aware of cultural diversity and inclusive education. During her free time, Saiki enjoys singing, dancing, and taking leisurely strolls around New York City. In the upcoming year, she will be taking on the role of Secretary in the Undergraduate Student Government (USG). Additionally, she holds the position of Vice President on the Education Studies Student Committee's Executive Board and works as an EdTech intern at a Tech Ethics company. Saiki's passion lies in problem-solving and assisting others. She looks forward to collaborating within a team and meeting new people. Her aspirations involve contributing to a community in Steinhart that emphasizes inclusivity and diverse perspectives.

Alternate Senator & Treasurer

Doris Wang -

Doris Wang is an NYU Steinhardt 2027 Undergraduate learning Education Studies and Mathematics. Her hometown is in Shanghai, China and the past 18 years have been living in Shanghai. She lives in Uhall, enjoying the fantastic RAs and all food events. She's a kind, passionate, and diligent part of the USG community. Trying out books of different genres, walking around the city, and finding out delicious foods are all her favorites. Her passion in Mathematics leads her to explore how she can manage the budgets and organization of USG's spending planning. She hopes to contribute to the lovely USG management E-board team and the whole student body community with her prudent work and genuine care. 

Co-Programming Director

Kathy Liu -

Kathy Liu (she/her) is a senior majoring in Media, Culture, and Communication with a specialized focus on marketing. Her interest in media and communication stems from her past experience in journalism and her goal of using the power of media to address social justice issues like gender equality. In addition to her core studies, she has a particular interest in legal studies, with a specific emphasis on entertainment and business law. In her free time, Kathy loves exploring the city, trying out new restaurants and boba places, and dancing. She looks forward to taking on the role of Programming Co-director in USG, supporting and building our Steinhardt community, and creating lasting memories with new friends. 

Publicity Chair

Zena Cui -



Senior Class President

Ebube Nwaeme -

Ebube Nwaeme (he/him/his) is a senior in NYU majoring in Media, Culture and Communications. He was born and raised in Nigeria before moving to Queens, NYC at age 14. Before his transfer to NYU, Ebube obtained an associate degree in communication studies from the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) where he graduated from in December 2021. Ebube is very skilled in communicating and building up connections with individuals, hence going into this field as one of his career interests. During the 2023-2024 academic year, Ebube will serve the positions of Senior Class President of the NYU Steinhardt’s Undergraduate Student Government (USG), The treasurer of Every Nation Campus (ENC), and a Resident Assistant at NYU’s Paulson Residential College. Ebube is very passionate about youth advocacy and civic engagement and has done a lot of work partnering with the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) in order to bring more awareness to the power of youth voice in society. Ebube loves spending time with loved ones and friends. He also enjoys watching new shows and trying out food spots around NYC in his free time. 

Junior Class President

Rachel Lee -

Rachel Lee (she/her) is a junior majoring in Media, Culture, and Communication and double minoring in Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology and Spanish. Born and raised in New Jersey by immigrant parents from Korea, through discovering how to connect with both her native and cultural backgrounds, Rachel has learned to serve diverse communities. At NYU, apart from serving as Steinhardt’s Junior Class President, Rachel is also a member of the Korean Student Association’s Executive Board as the Internal Vice President and will be serving as the Undergraduate Intern for NYU’s KJCC Center. From her time serving as Steinhardt’s Freshman and Sophomore Class President in previous academic years, Rachel has learned so much about leadership and teamwork from her Steinhardt class community and her amazing USG team. In her free time, she finds guilty pleasure in bringing her favorite comfort shows on Netflix or out and exploring the city to satisfy her inner foodie. With all of her new and returning opportunities, Rachel is more than thrilled to provide new opportunities and experiences for her class this upcoming year.

Sophomore Class President

Ella Netland -

El Netland

Ella Netland is a sophomore majoring in Media, Culture, and Communication. With a passion for the interplay between media, communication, and the legal system, she is driven to explore the multifaceted impact of media on our world. She also has interests in fashion and art, where she finds inspiration and creativity. In addition to serving as the Sophomore Class President, she is an

active member of Delta Phi Epsilon, where she thrives within a community that values growth, empowerment, and making a positive difference. Outside academia, she enjoys visiting museums, walking in the park, and trying new restaurants with friends.


Freshman Class President

Eileen Shum -

Eileen Shum (she/her) is a freshman majoring in Education Studies. She lived in Queens and moved to Long Island. She was raised by her immigrant parents and grandparents from China and is therefore very close with her Chinese culture. At NYU, Eileen is involved not only in USG but also in the Education Studies Student Committee as well as the Palladium Student Government. She has a lot of experience with representing her community. Amidst life's ever-shifting circumstances, what remains constant is her kindness, honesty, and selfishness. It is always her priority to make others feel comfortable and welcome. Quality time means a lot to her, and she enjoys the presence of people. She is a huge fan of food and will always agree to a lunch date. She is passionate about equality, opportunity, and connectivity. She will achieve these goals by being genuine, kind, and patient with you. She desires that each of us be afforded opportunities so that we can fully maximize these four years. She is dedicated to ensuring that your four-year experience is both enriching and rewarding.