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Executive Board

Undergraduate Student Government

2021-2022 Executive Board

Meet the officers of the current E-board! Please feel free to email them, schedule a meeting, and say hello to them on campus.

President (Spring 2022) & Vice President (Fall 2021)

Michelle Egli -

Michelle EgliMichelle (she/they) is a rising Junior in the Education Studies/Educational Leadership, Politics, and Advocacy dual-degree program and will be serving as USG Vice President for the 2021/2022 school year. Michelle was born in Florida but grew up moving between Switzerland and various other U.S. states. Their experience in various school systems across the country and overseas is what originally sparked their passion for education and educational advocacy. Aside from their role as USG, they are also a Peer Mentor for Education Studies and will be serving as the President of the Education Studies Student Committee.  In their free time, they love baking bread, making coffee, and cooking for friends as a way to destress. Michelle also loves to picnic in the park when the weather is nice and longboard along the East River Park. At any given point, you can probably find them in the ASH lounge or wandering the neighborhood with a coffee in hand.  Michelle is extremely excited to serve as your USG Vice President and is looking forward to working with students and club leaders over the next academic year. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to them, they’d love to hear from you!

Vice President (Spring 2022) & Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging & Accessibility Co-Chair

Tanisha Thakkar -

Tanisha ThakkarTanisha (she/her) is a sophomore, planning to major in Media, Culture, Communication, and minor in Politics. She is particularly interested in the intersection of media and policy and hopes to work in the field of human rights. She will be serving as the Co-Chair of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Belonging (DEIAB) Committee of Steinhardt’s Undergraduate Student Government (USG). Tanisha was born in Mumbai, India but also lived in London for a few years. Her cross-cultural experiences are what sparked her passion for advocacy. In addition to her role in USG, Tanisha is an intern at The Women’s Network where she has worked in marketing and partnership roles. She also serves as a Mentor for GirlUp, a Youth Advocate for Amnesty International, and a Research Council Member for DoSomething.Org. Tanisha loves to volunteer in her free time and watch crime shows/documentaries. She is extremely excited to use her position to advocate for members of Steinhardt’s community. Feel free to reach out with any concerns, questions, or just to chat!

Senator & Co-Publicity Director

Katarina Demos -

Kat DemosKatarina Demos (She/Her) is a junior majoring in Flute Performance in Steinhardt pursuing a pre-law track with a double minor in Philosophy and Law and Society. She is USG’s Senator and Co-Publicity Chair. She hails from both rural and urban Kentucky but now calls the city her home with love, living in an apartment with her cat Draco (pictured :D) and working two jobs in the city. Kat is passionate about advocacy and social justice, and hopes to one day return to rural Kentucky to help preserve and aid the affairs of rural Kentuckians through law. Kat is the self-proclaimed master of “doing too much” and enjoys staying as busy as possible. In order to fuel her through her long overnight shifts at work or hours in the Ed Building 9th floor practice rooms, she has fostered an affinity for bodega coffees and BEGs (on roll, obviously). In her free time, Kat enjoys working on her bullet journal or going on runs by the Hudson. She encourages Steinhardt students to contact her regarding any experience based affairs/concerns so that she can amplify your voice as a SGA representative!

Alternate Senator & Co-Programming Director

Rumaisah Wajid -

Rumaisah WajidRumaisah Wajid is a Senior in Applied Psychology with a double major in Public Policy. She is extremely interested in the intersection between her two majors and how they could work together towards the creation of better informed policies. Rumaisah was born and raised in  Dubai, UAE, but now calls New York City her home. She will be serving as Programming Co-Director and Alternate Senator of Steinhardt’s Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and is so excited to work with you all this academic year. In addition to her role in USG, Rumaisah is also an Intern at the New York State Senate and NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development. In the past, she has also volunteered as a Research Contributor for UNICEF, English Second Language Tutor for Syrian Refugees, and interned for the International Rescue Committee and American Red Cross. When Rumaisah is not studying, you can find her exploring the city with friends, trying out new recipes, making playlists, and searching for psychological sci-fi/thriller movies to watch! She cannot wait to work with all new and existing students, and would love to hear your ideas for future events and initiatives!


Yiyang Zhang -

Yiyang ZhangYiyang is in her third and last year of undergraduate studies with Steinhardt. She is passionate about her major in Nutrition & Dietetics and Global Public Health. She is also excited for her third year serving as treasurer! Originally from Beijing, China, Yiyang has been a global traveller since she was 3 years old and calls a lot of places home. Out of USG, she is also a member of Delta Epsilon Mu, Inc., and a research intern with Langone. Aside from her commitments, she loves exploring new restaurants and trying new recipes, as a true foodie should. She also loves the outdoors, playing volleyball, and sipping on her daily cup of coffee. Serving the goals of Steinhardt clubs, class president, as well as the needs of the entire Steinhardt community are some of her top priorities. Yiyang is dedicated to her role as treasurer and looks forward to serving the student body as we adjust back to campus life after the virtual semesters!

Secretary & Co-Publicity Director

Victoria Ng -

Victoria NgVictoria is a junior majoring in Media, Culture and Communication at NYU Steinhardt. Born in Hong Kong, Victoria was fortunate enough to have been exposed to different cultures and interests in the international hub, specifically in music, speech and performing arts. As an instrumentalist and orchestra player, Victoria had experience touring around internationally. Her diverse experience in music developed her appreciation and interest in learning about different cultures and stories, which led her into the broader realm of popular culture - film, TV, and pop music. Victoria enjoys exploring storytelling through mainstream media and their relationship with situated societies, while also being passionate about creative work in content strategy, graphic design and branding. The dual interest eventually drew Victoria to the MCC major, and she aspires to become a creative personnel in the advertising and music industry for a positive social impact.

Co-Programming Director

Tina Feng -

Tina FengTina is a junior in Media, Culture and Communication with a double major in French. She is from Shanghai, and she had lived in two different countries before she moved to New York. She will be serving as Programming Co-Director, and she is excited to organise events for the Steinhardt community!  Tina spent her freshman year at NYU Paris, where she took up the habit of frequenting museums and reading books in a park or a café. She was intrigued by the slow-paced lifestyle in Europe where everything was closed on Sunday, and she had a bit of shock when she arrived in New York and realised that this city never sleeps! Outside of NYU, Tina has interned for a diverse range of companies like Auditoire, BCW Global and HAY, and she gradually discovered her passion for programming, organising events and most importantly, meeting new people!

Publicity Co-Director

Karen Li -

Karen LiKaren Li is an entrepreneur, digital media producer, video editor, and marketing strategist currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Media, Culture, and Communications at New York University.  She was born and raised in Beijing, China, and she moved to Westchester County, NY, with her family when she was in eighth grade. She will be serving as the publicity co-director for the 2021-2022 academic year year. Outside of NYU, she is the founder and executive producer of Global Citizen Media Production, a multimedia production group that aims to foster open and inclusive dialogues for millennials and Generation Z around the world. She is also currently working as a Content Coordinator at Global Connections for Women, an award-winning not-for-profit organization headquartered in NYC, with a reach of over 3.5 million people worldwide. Li is still on her journey of learning, attempting to discover more of her potential. As she continues to pursue her passion in the multimedia marketing field, she hopes that she can not only further practice her leadership and professional skill sets, but also integrate her artistic interests into professional endeavors.

Senior Class President

Neha Datta -

Neha DattaNeha Datta is a senior majoring in Media, Culture, & Communication, with minors in Web Programming & Applications as well as the Business of Entertainment, Media, & Technology. Serving as Senior Class President, she is so thrilled to close off her college experience with USG. Born and raised in Fremont, California, she loves staying involved on campus, as she is a choreography captain for NYU’s Bollywood-Fusion dance team and has worked with the Wasserman Center. Her hobbies include painting with her friends, hiking, and playing with her cat. Feel free to message her about anything; she’s happy to chat anytime and is looking forward to this upcoming year!

Junior Class President

Kenzo Kimura -

Kenzo KimuraKenzo Kimura is a third year student studying Communicative Sciences & Disorders and Chemistry on the Pre-Medical track. Born in São Paulo, BR and later growing up in Tokyo, JP and Parkland, FL, Kenzo’s cultural exposure has paved the way for his interests in inclusive research and community development. As Junior class President, he has served the class of 2023 for the past two years and will continue to fortify the NYU Steinhardt community. Kenzo’s academic focus has been alleviating health disparities, both medical and speech pathology-related, from local New York City boroughs to entire continents through his past work at the United Nations, Harvard Medical School, the National Institutes of Health, and currently, at his home department NYU CSD. In his free time, Kenzo appreciates people watching, skateboarding, and plant-sitting.

Sophomore Class President

Michelle Masiello -

Michelle MasielloMichelle Masiello is a sophomore studying Global Public Health and Applied Psychology and is currently serving as Sophomore Class President for the 2021-2022 academic year. Originally from Hillsborough, New Jersey, Michelle has always loved visiting NYC and is now thrilled to be going to school in the city. In her free time, she can be found baking, exploring NYC gems, or just hanging out with friends. Beyond USG, Michelle is interested in work towards reducing disparities within the healthcare system and promoting equal access to mental health resources. Michelle is passionate about student government and is excited to connect more with her Steinhardt community. She is dedicated to serving her peers and is committed to making sure they have the best NYU experience possible. She is focused on amplifying student voices, and would love to hear your opinions, thoughts, and ideas on how to improve the Steinhardt experience. Feel free to reach out to her anytime!

Freshman Class President

Rachel Lee -

Rachel LeeRachel Lee (she/her) is a freshman majoring in Media, Culture, and Communication. Born and raised in New Jersey by immigrant parents form Korea, through discovering how to connect with both her native and cultural backgrounds, Rachel has learned to serve diverse communities. At NYU, apart from serving as Steinhardt’s Freshman Class President, Rachel is also a member of the Korean Student Association’s Executive Board as a Freshman Representative. With her Steinhardt community, she hopes to grow with her fellow classmates as they all settle and explore this new environment with virtuous opportunities and people. Well aware that settling into such an effervescent atmosphere can be overwhelming at times, Rachel is always open to listening and guiding her peers in any and all aspects of concern. She carries a passion for all genres of music whether it be playing or listening with others, while also having an obsession over Kdramas, all pastimes that are much more pleasurable when with others so feel free to join her whenever! Rachel is very excited and eager for both her first year at NYU and serving as part of Steinhardt USG.

Advocacy Chair

Crystal Baik -

Crystal BaikCrystal Baik is a freshman combined majoring in Media, Culture & Communication and Global Public Health as well as minoring in Chinese. Serving as USG’s Advocacy Chair Committee, she is looking forward to getting increasingly familiar with the Steinhardt community throughout the year! Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Crystal enjoys exploring new outdoor activities and has been finding the chilling autumn weather already making her cold to the bones! Crystal’s newfound interests include BTS and K-Dramas. Her other hobbies include trying new vegan/vegetarian recipes, exploring nature, and trying new foods with her friends. Always feel free to reach out and chat about campus life or anything else!

Community Service Chair

Katie Pan -

Katie PanKatie Pan was born in Brooklyn, New York to Chinese immigrants, as their second-born daughter. At 6-years-old, Katie and her family moved from Brooklyn all the way to a small, rural town located in the Catskills. Growing up in such a small town that lacked diversity has greatly impacted Katie and her identity. While there were pros to growing up in a small town, such as the close-knit community, there were definitely cons as well. For example, Katie was one of the only Asian-American students in her class. As a result, her experiences were much different than her peers and thus could never really connect with them. Nonetheless, Katie believes that her experiences growing up in the Catskills have impacted her self-identity and her beliefs. Furthermore, Katie is appreciative of the tight-knit relationship between students and teachers at her school, crediting this bond as a factor in her success. Additionally, Katie credits her own high school math teacher for being a large influence in her decision to pursue Secondary Math Education. Lastly, Katie is continuously grateful for her family and friends, and their endless support and belief in her, which keep her going!

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging & Accessibility Co-Chair

Sky Young -

Sky YoungSky (he/him) is a freshman focusing on a dual major in applied psychology and politics with a minor in public policy and management. This academic year, he will be serving as the co-chair of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Belonging (DEIAB) Committee. Coming from Denver, Colorado, Sky comes from a background of LGBTQ+ advocacy and leadership. Serving as the founding president of his high school’s first LGBTQ+ advocacy organization, currently nationally registered, he has equally assumed a series of leadership roles within his prior theatre troupe and student government. Utilizing his experience as a former student body VP and front of house and marketing manager, he places an emphasis on genuine dialogue and active listening, ensuring those around him are both welcomed and heard. In Sky’s free time, he enjoys a good book, baking, or simply going on long walks around the city. You can ordinarily find him at many of the cafes across the neighborhood taking a moment to write something new as well as satisfy his ever-growing caffeine cravings. Sky is honored to advance the representation of the diverse communities within Steinhardt and NYU as a whole. That being said, he is constantly seeking opportunities to learn more about his peers and the issues they want to be addressed or simply another book recommendation. Please never hesitate to reach out to him through email, in person, or any other means of communication!!


Former 2021-2022 Executive Board Membership

President (September-December 2021)

Anthony Cruz -

Anthony CruzAnthony (he/they) is a junior majoring in Education Studies and minoring in History serving as your USG President for the 2021-2022 Academic Year! Originally born in Brooklyn, NY to Dominican immigrants, they now reside on the south shore of Long Island in Valley Stream, New York. Aside from their role at USG, they also serve as the Student Government Assembly Presidents Council Vice Chair. In their academic research and extracurricular work, they aspire to learn about and contribute to student-centered advocacy spaces in higher education. They love working with people to find practical and enduring solutions to systemic problems faced by students. In their free time, they love to read, watch Netflix limited series, and visit parks around NYC. They’re so excited to meet you all! Feel free to reach out with any questions or ideas on how we can make Steinhardt a better place!

Faculty Engagement Chair (September-December 2021)

Jackie Andresen -

Jackie AndresenJackie Andresen (she/her) is a junior from Los Angeles, California majoring in Music Theory and Composition with a minor in Business, Media, & Entertainment. In addition to her role as Faculty Engagement Chair, she serves as co-president of the NYU Composers’ Collective, a club devoted to providing performance opportunities for NYU student composers! She is so excited to meet everyone, and further contribute to an exciting school year back in NYC!