Undergraduate Theses


Ciadella, Laine (2017). Does Perceptual Training Enhance /r/ Misarticulation?

  • Adviser: Tara McAllister Byun

Noorani, Mehak (2017). Examining The Relationship Between Swallowing and Sarcopenia in Healthy, Community-Dwelling Seniors.

  • Adviser: Sonja Molfenter

St. Louis, Keziah (2017). Coarticulation Seen in Formant Transitions of Childhood Apraxia of Speech.

  • Adviser: Maria Grigos

Zhong, Sara (2017). Acoustic Cues of English Lexical Stress in Cantonese and Mandarin Speakers.

  • Adviser: Maria Grigos


Quinto, Ashley (2016). Effect of Time and Lexical Frequency on Memory.

  • Adviser: Susannah Levi

Tong, Tappy (2016). Production of Native and Non-native Clusters.

  • Adviser: Adam Buchwald