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Special Education, Disabilities Studies and Contemporary Art

This course examines the history of Special Education in the American public education system, as well as what it means to be a ‘disabled’ student today by examining the vital components that teachers must be aware of when working with students with disabilities. There are 14 generally recognized disability classifications today, each with its’ own unique impact on the educational life of the affected student. This course will look at the current research into multiple intelligences & learning styles, where it becomes evident that using the arts; music, visual arts & dance, can allow access points to many students into the world of learning. Students will explore how collaboration with general education teachers can help inform their pedagogical practice as well as deepen the educational experience of their students. Additionally, the course covers the Individual Education Plan and how to use it as a teaching tool. Students will learn how to partner with the family, community, colleagues & pupils to create a differentiated & welcoming classroom environment. Finally, the course will also examine the ways disability is represented visually in our culture, both through media/popular culture & contemporary art practices.

Course #
Spring, Fall