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Religion and Education in a Global Context

The purpose of this course on religion and public education in an international context is for us to engage together in a critical analysis of what continues to be an important contemporary issue. The seminar is designed especially for students preparing for careers in teaching - in both public and private/religious schools, educational administration, educational research, or other professions which will involve them in the ongoing public debates about the uneasy relationship of religion and public education in the United States and other countries. The course will examine these issues historically and in terms of current policy debates and students will be asked to make connections to their own educational practice. Liberal Arts Core/CORE Equivalent - satisfies the requirement for Context and Cultures.

Course #
PHED-UE 1016
Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities
Liberal Arts Core
Cultures and Contexts


James Fraser

Professor of History and Education, Department of Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities