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Introduction to Global Issues in Nutrition

The course is designed to enhance students’ awareness of the multifaceted nature of nutrition problems across the globe and the need for holistic approaches of methods to address them including research. The nutrients, nutrient cycle challenges, maternal and child nutrition - the first 1000 days, will be discussed. The course will review the UNICEF malnutrition structure within the context of livelihood frameworks to demonstrate the linkages between health, nutrition and agriculture. Food security issues and impacts on nutrition and developmental issues will be discussed. The new concept of Econutrition within the framework of preventing malnutrition in Africa will be considered. Assess the strategies and policies in Africa towards addressing food and nutrition issues. Globalization, food habits and nutritional implications will be reviewed. Aging and nutrition within the African contextual factors will be discussed. A review of organisations impacting nutrition in developing countries will be examined.

Course #
NUTR-UE 9187


Domingo Piñero

Clinical Associate Professor, Nutrition; Director, Undergraduate Program