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Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the New Immigration

The objectives of this course is to introduce students to a sampling of recent theoretical & empirical work, in various academic disciplines, dealing with immigration.We will achieve this objective by systematically examining very recent research in comparative & interdisciplinary perspectives with a particular focus on the emerging Inter American migraine system.Students will learn about the most recent trends in Latin American, Caribbean & to a lesser extent Asian migration to the U. S., & will compare the nature of current immigration scholarship in the United States to developments in other postindustrial settings.An examination of the comparative materials will highlight isomorphic conditions--as well as differences--in immigration debates, policies, processes, & outcomes.This course will be interdisciplinary.We shall examine recent data & theoretical work in a variety of fieldssuch as economics, education, law, policy, psychology, sociocultural anthropology, sociolinguistics, & sociology.

Course #
INTE-UE 1545
Fall, Spring
Liberal Arts Core