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Hip Hop Dance Culture

Exploration of the vernacular & theatrically influenced forms of Hip Hop dance including but not limited to Breaking, Popping, Locking & Krumping & identifying commonalities & differences within the Hip Hop practices. Focusing on the historical & cultural context & its importance to education in the various schools of dance sectors, students will experience pedagogical approaches, along with approaches to technique, improvisation & cognitive content. Classes will be conducted to Hip Hop, house & dance music from the past three decades. Classes will be begin with a set warm-up & follow with stretching & conditioning exercises. Depending on the week’s focus, there will be across-the-floor progression series & practice techniques of that week’s particular hip-hop dance form. Class will always conclude with a combination that incorporates that week’s dance form & other hip-hop dance forms.

Course #
1 - 3
Spring, Fall