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Biophysical Agents I (Physical Agents/Mechanical Modalities)

Enables students to apply physical agents and aseptic techniques, including deep thermal modalities (e.g. ultrasound), a thermal modalities (e.g. pulsed ultrasound, pulsed electromagnetic fields), superficial thermotherapy (e.g. heat, paraffin baths, hot packs, fluidotherapy), cryotherapy modalities (cold packs, ice massage), hydrotherapy (e.g. whirlpools, tanks, contrast baths), and phototherapies (e.g. ultraviolet)in order to increase connective tissue extensibilities; modulate pain, reduce or eliminate soft tissue inflammation and swelling caused by musculoskeletal injuries or circulatory dysfunction; increase the healing rate of open wounds and soft tissue; remodel scar tissue; or treat skin conditions. Basic aseptic techniques including bacterial, fungal., and viral infections.

Course #
PT-GE 2215
Physical Therapy