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Advanced Topics in Food Systems: Food Futures

Super storms, drought, abundant chemical and fertilizer overuse and misuse, ozone depletion, fossil fuel exploitation and a host of bad decisions have contributed the myriad causes of climate change and the shifting landscape of our food system. We have become accustomed to eating whatever we want whenever we want for more than 60 years; it's been a very good culinary life for many. The bill for this reinforcing feedback loop of heavy dependency on petrochemical fertilizers, mono-cropping, shrinking land on which to farm, and the worldwide demand for cheap and abundant food has been proffered; and the truth is we have been writing checks our planet cannot cash and many of the foods we're too fond of (coffee, chocolate, peanuts, almonds, berries) are becoming harder to grow and the predictions that these foods will either lose their flavor or disappear completely. This class will look at the future of food through the lenses of Design Thinking + Systems Thinking addressing these increasingly problematic issues in our food system and how we can dive and design more sustainable modes of operation, using sustainable materials and still have our food taste good. Students will work on small scale projects that tackles this concert at hat the local and global level.

Course #
FOOD-GE 2249
Nutrition and Food Studies