About the Department

The Department of Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities includes disciplines and modes of inquiry that provide strong intellectual and cultural foundations for the study of the professions in modern life. Our dual academic purpose is to provide disciplinary and research course work for students in other parts of the school, while also preparing students within our own department for positions leading to research and teaching in colleges and universities, in government, and in other service organizations, both nationally and internationally.

The following identifies our programs, grouped according to three broad areas.

  • Social-Cultural Disciplinary Studies of Education: In the two disciplinary areas available, the sociology of education and the history of education, we provide cognate and foundational course work for students across the school as well as prepare educational researchers within each program.
  • Interdepartmental Research Studies: We offer a wide array of qualitative and quantitative research courses for graduate students in all programs across the school.
  • Interdisciplinary Studies: Through our specialized interdisciplinary programs, education and social policy, international education, and education and Jewish studies, we prepare majors to assume professional positions both nationally and internationally as well as provide courses for nonmajors with specialized interests.

The department also offers a master's in applied statistics in social science research and an undergraduate minor in global and urban education studies.