LGBT Health, Education, and Social Services

The Post-Master's Advanced Certificate in LGBT Health, Education, and Social Services prepares you to work with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals and/or to work on LGBT issues in educational, health, research, counseling, and community-based settings. Through required and elective coursework you will gain greater knowledge about this specific population and develop skills to provide more effective services to LGBT people and organizations serving this population.

Dual-degree options with an MA in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness, an MA in Counseling and Guidance, and an MA in Human Development and Social Intervention are also available. 

Program Overview

Who is this program for?

This 12-credit Advanced Certificate is designed for professionals who already hold a master’s degree in:

  • social work
  • counseling
  • psychology
  • public health
  • public policy and management
  • health policy and management
  • teacher education
  • educational leadership
  • or a related field of study

This is an ideal additional credential for anyone who is providing direct services to or would like to work with a variety of individuals, including LGBT individuals, to conduct research on LGBT issues, to engage in policy analysis and reform, or to more effectively manage or direct organizations and agencies that serve the LGBT community.

What will I learn?

The LGBT Health, Education, and Social Services curriculum provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to work more effectively with LGBT individuals and communities in education, health, and social service settings, and to recognize that LGBT individuals are served in all settings.

By the time you graduate you will be:

  • knowledgeable about the development of sexual orientation and gender identity as well as the social, political, economic, and health disparities faced by LGBT individuals across the lifespan
  • aware of and know how to consciously address the political, organizational, and fiscal issues with regard to sexual orientation and gender identity in education, health, research and  community-service based settings
  • able to identify the psychosocial and behavioral factors that differentiate the life experiences of these four sexual minority groups, i.e., development and enactment of identities
  • able to examine and understand the intersection of sexual orientation and gender identity with regard to race, ethnicity, immigration and citizenship status, social class, age, and ability as well as the major policy issues affecting LGBT people
  • able to critically evaluate theories, research, and policies regarding gender identities and gender expression as well as how gender identities and gender expression relate to the overall well-being of gender variant populations.
  • able to identify the implications of sexual orientation and gender identity for the management of and advocacy for organizations and agencies that serve the LGBT population

Who will I study with?

The Advanced Certificate is a joint initiative of three NYU schools that have long studied and served LGBT populations and individuals: 

You will study with expert faculty, including:

  • Alisha Ali
    • Associate Professor of Applied Psychology
    • Conducts research on mental health issues in disadvantaged populations, with a special interest in women’s depression
  • Sean Cahill
    • Director, Health Policy Research at the Fenway Institute in Boston, which focuses on LGBT health and HIV policy
    • Member, Massachusetts Commission on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth
  • Arnold Grossman
    • Professor of Applied Psychology
    • Principal Investigator of a major study on risk and protective factors for suicide among sexual minority youth
  • Vincent Guilamo-Ramos
    • Professor of Social Work and Public Health
    • Expertise in the role of families in promoting adolescent health, with a special focus on preventing HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections
  • James I. Martin
    • Associate Professor of Social Work
    • Specializes in issues of victimization and coping with risky sexual behavior among gay and bisexual men

Gainful Employment Disclosure

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