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We're excited to have you join this vibrant academic community with its remarkable legacy of inclusion, innovation, and impact. We welcome students like you from all across the country and around the world and from many different backgrounds.

Spring into NYU Steinhardt

Preparing You for the Future

NYU Steinhardt offers the advantages of a medium-sized college, with personal advisement and many small classes. Our majors are built around a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences. You’ll also take specialized courses in your major in New York City and at NYU’s global sites, and participate in applied learning experiences through internships or work in the field. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible career preparation in your chosen field. You’ll graduate with the knowledge, insight, and experience necessary to address the challenges and opportunities you’ll face at home and abroad.

Planning Your Journey

Once you have decided to enroll in your program of study — Applied Psychology; Childhood Education/Special Education or Early Childhood Education/Special Education; Communicative Sciences and Disorders; Media, Culture, and Communication; or Nutrition and Food Studies — our Academic Advisors are available to support you during the coming months as you prepare to join us in January and throughout your time in your Steinhardt major. They will answer questions you might have about course selection, graduation requirements, academic options, leadership and service opportunities, and provide the support and guidance you need to be successful. Please feel free to contact the advisor for your major, listed below or, for more general questions, Jeanne Bannon, Senior Director, Student Engagement and Services, Office of Student Affairs.

Your First-Year Experience: Spring and Summer Terms

You'll complete your first-year curriculum in the Spring term and Summer term at NYU's New York campus. If you've been admitted to our MCC in London program, you'll complete your Spring term in London and your Summer term at NYU's New York campus. Whether you begin your freshman studies in New York or London, you'll take a required minimum of 12 credits and may take up to 18 credits each term. Enrollment for both Summer sessions (I and II) is required for all Spring-start freshmen.

In the Spring term, along with other courses, you’ll participate in the New Student Seminar, a first-semester course for new undergraduate students. It introduces you to the University, the Steinhardt School, your academic department and major, and to the nature of higher education. By Fall term, you’ll be ready to join the sophomore class.

Your Spring and Summer curriculum:

  • Provides the foundational academic experience in the liberal arts and sciences you need to flourish in your major and in your later careers
  • Introduces you to core concepts in your major
  • Advances your skills to think, analyze, investigate, and create through a two-course sequence in writing

Applied Psychology

The Applied Psychology major is an interdisciplinary program designed to develop students who can bridge psychological theory, research, and practice in a multicultural world.

Childhood/Special Education and Early Childhood/Special Education

These programs integrate practical experience and hands-on knowledge with a rich theoretical understanding of how children learn and how they can best be taught.

Communicative Sciences and Disorders

The Communicative Sciences and Disorders major integrates liberal arts courses with theoretical and hands-on exploration of normal and disordered communication across the human lifespan.

Media, Culture, and Communication

The Media, Culture, and Communication major is grounded in the liberal arts, providing you with the necessary tools to understand the sociological, political, and cultural aspects of media and technology.

Nutrition and Food Studies

The Nutrition and Food Studies major is grounded in the liberal arts and sciences. It offers specialized courses that integrate food studies, nutrition, and health as well as extensive opportunities for real world learning through internships.

Welcoming You to Our Community

NYU Steinhardt's New Undergraduate Experience is designed to welcome you to our vibrant community and enable you to get connected, be involved, and stay informed.

Online Orientation

In early Fall, you’ll be able to prepare for advisement and Spring registration through our Online Orientation Portal.

Through this portal, you will:

  • Get to know your Academic Advisor, current students, and peers
  • Learn about our history, mission, and values
  • Understand your major and degree requirements
  • Create and register your Spring semester schedule
  • Discover services and activities to help you grow and develop
  • Share what you’ve learned with your family to keep them connected with your academic journey at NYU Steinhardt.

NYU Spring Welcome

In January, NYU and Steinhardt will host special events to celebrate the commencement of your studies. You'll get to meet with your Academic Advisor and Peer Mentors. You will also participate in other workshops, activities, and events sponsored by NYU, which are all designed to help you get started and connect you with new classmates who are also beginning their studies at NYU. Learn more.

NYU Reads

The NYU Reads selection is a literary work that raises questions important to the process of exploration and discovery that is central to the college experience. We’ll tell you more about this year’s book in the Fall. Early in your Spring term, you’ll participate in discussions with Academic Advisors, faculty, and peers about this work’s major themes in your New Student Seminar.

Upcoming Communications

Throughout the summer, fall, and winter, we’ll keep you informed about opportunities, expectations and deadlines, preparing for your enrollment with NYU Steinhardt. Please remember to check your NYU email account periodically, and watch out for messages from your advisor. Feel free to contact your Academic Advisor or our Student Affairs team with any questions along the way.

Spring into NYU Steinhardt

Welcome to our exceptional community of scholars, scientists, athletes, innovators, change agents, artists, entrepreneurs, hackers, and academics from around the world.

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