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Willa Tellekson-Flash Education Studies alumn

Willa Tellekson-Flash

BA, Education Studies

Willa works for a startup called LOLA. Their goal is to be the first lifelong brand for women’s reproductive health. The company not only sells period and sexual health products made from natural ingredients and materials, but also is working to start more open, transparent conversations about women’s health. Willa is on the customer team, which she loves because it gets her to directly interact with customers.

“I valued my senior seminar the most, because it allowed me to both discover and explore a subject that really matters to me,” Willa says. “I spent the semester learning and asking questions about sex education, and it is certainly thanks to that that I ended up in the job I have now. Another class I really enjoyed was Intro to Art Therapy, as it allowed me to combine an interest in people with creativity. I learned a ton, but it was also such a fun escape from a normal classroom.”

While at NYU, Chrissie Monaghan was the professor who most inspired her in the classroom. “She approached each class with such care,” Willa remembers, “I am grateful that I learned early in my career as an NYU student that there is no dumb question. In her classroom, I felt like my classmates and I were able to tackle complex and challenging real-world issues, which made me excited to show up and participate every day.”