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Shelagh Thompson

CNGU Alumni

What year did you graduate?


Undergraduate College/University

Southern New Hampshire University

Undergraduate Major


What was the best class you took as an AP student?

Professional Orientation and Ethics for School Counseling

What was the most influential part of your experience in your program?

The immersion.

Do you have any thoughts you’d like to share with prospective students?

This is the best program. I was challenged on many levels and the material is thorough along with having professors who genuinely cared about your success and you as a person.

What was your first job after you graduated? 

Mental Health Counselor- Oswego Health

Counseling philosophy.

Be genuine. Actively listen and provide empathy to your clients, they will know if you are fake. Challenge yourself. Even after graduating, learn as much as you can about your field.

Did you get licensed?