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Bilingual Glossaries and Cognates

These glossaries are to provide permitted testing accommodations of ELL/MLL students. They should also be used for instruction during the school year.

Resources for Ukrainian Parents and Students

Earlier this year, President Joe Biden indicated that the United States would be receiving more than 100,000 refugees from the Ukraine. It is anticipated that significant number Ukrainian refugee students would be entering New York State public schools. To assist districts and schools, the Statewide Language RBERN has compiled list of translated materials for your use. Each of the documents are hyperlinked for ease of access.

Co-Teaching Resources for ELLs

Articles and Supplementary Materials on Co-Teaching Resources for ELLs

Resources for Educators of English Language Learners

Resources to help educators with the diverse educational needs of English Language Learners (ELLs).

Impact of Centers & Projects '20-'21

The impact of NYU Metro Center's research and faculty projects, student development and college access programs, and school change and community engagement programs all contributed to a successful year.