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Short-Term Undergraduate Study Abroad

Steinhardt offers senior-level undergraduate students the opportunity to study abroad for 2–6 weeks during January, spring break, or summer by opening a select number of graduate-level global courses to upper-level NYU undergraduate students. These courses immerse students in a focused academic topic taught by NYU Steinhardt faculty.   


For January study abroad courses, NYU Steinhardt undergraduates must have senior standing (completed at least 96 earned credits) at the time of their application. For summer programs, students should have completed at least 80 credits at the time they apply and must have earned 96+ credits by the study abroad course start date except for the Art and Ideas programs listed below, which are open to all undergraduates. Students of all NYU schools (Gallatin, CAS, Tisch, Stern, Global Liberal Studies) are welcomed to apply but should consult with their academic advisers on school policies for taking graduate-level courses. Non-NYU undergraduates are not eligible to apply to Steinhardt intensive study abroad programs.

Eligible undergraduate students review application instructions for January, spring break, and summer short-term study abroad programs.

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January 2020 Programs

Dominican Republic: Culture and Language Learning in Real Time

This January, gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of culture and its relationship to language.

Puerto Rico: Theatre Practices

Explore broad questions about theatre and its practice in aesthetic and applied settings.

Spain: From Surveillance to Sousveillance

Surveillance, looking from above, is the right to inspect exercised by the society of control that cross-cuts CCTV cameras, biometrics, drone planes, border checkpoints, Amazon-Facebook algorithms, architectural design and the fashioning of historical memory and forgetfulness.

Uganda: Dance Education

Learning how to teach, create, and perform dance and to build community – through the lens of another culture.

Nashville: Production and A&R in the Music Industry

Nashville is the capital of the creative music industry in the US and is a natural fit for our students, who are at the intersection of music creativity and business. This course will provide students with studio and classroom experiences focusing on the tools of A&R talent evaluation, including talent discovery, artist development, and record-making from the creative/production perspective.

Spring Break 2020 Programs

UK: Creative Industries

Creative and Cultural Industries have grown rapidly over the past 15 years attracting the attention of non-profit arts leaders, government officials, and cultural entrepreneurs.

Washington, D.C.: Organic and Sustainable Agriculture Policy

There is little dispute that federal policy enabled the development of a food system that produces inexpensive food and created a host of external costs.

Summer 2020 Programs

Germany: Intercultural Perspectives on Teaching and Learning

Examine intercultural perspectives on teaching and learning in Berlin, one of the world’s most diverse and dynamic metropolises.

Czech Republic: Tonmeister Technology

Study the art of recording live music in Prague, the vibrant Eastern European home to world-class musicians, famous concert halls, churches, and the film music recording industry.

Ghana: International Development and Education

Using Accra as a case study, this course focuses on the practical questions of international development, while also considering how our practical experience and observations relate to normative and theoretical questions in international development and education as well as broader empirical study.

Italy: Italian Cuisine and the Mediterranean Diet

This multidisciplinary course will explore the complexity of a wide range of issues related to food, nutrition, culture, health, and agriculture in Italy.

South Africa: Educational and Social Reform

Examine South Africa’s post-apartheid social and educational reforms.

United Kingdom: Drama and Youth

Immerse yourself in the study of drama in education and theatre for young audiences in London.

United Kingdom: Literacy Teaching and Learning

Discover how diversity has impacted teaching and learning in British schools, in comparison to those in America.