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Olga Pagan

PhD in Psychology and Social Intervention Student


Year Entered Program: 2017

Research Interests: Culturally relevant pedagogy, anti-racism in education, racial climate, student-teacher relationships, student and teacher well-being

Principal Advisor(s): Dr. Diane Hughes

Research Description/Bio: 

Olga uses mixed methods to understand societal, school, and classroom-level contextual influences on teacher bias, teacher stress and well-being, and student outcomes. She is interested in learning how teachers and schools can create equitable environments for racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse learners in elementary classrooms. She also currently serves as the Director of Programs and Research at the Center for Racial Justice in Education. Before coming to NYU, Olga was a teacher and instructional coach in schools with high populations of low-income students of color for 5 years. She graduated from Yale University with a B.A. in Psychology and from Stanford University with an M.A. in Elementary Education with a certificate in Bilingual Education.

Curriculum vitae