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Sohini Das

PhD in Psychology and Social Intervention Student


Program: PhD in Psychology and Social Intervention

Year entered Program: 2021

Research Interests: Resistance among Black and Brown youth, healing justice in schools, abolitionist pedagogy, school racial climate, intersectionality, community organizing

Principal Advisor(s): Dr. Diane Hughes

Research Description/Bio: 

Sohini is a doctoral student and IES-PIRT fellow in the Psychology and Social Intervention program. She sees research as a tool to support the development and sustainability of critically caring, anti-racist educational spaces with and for Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and API youth. Her research focuses on 1. exploring how youth of color negotiate, and particularly resist, intersectional stereotypes within their families, peers, schools, and beyond and 2. Developing and understanding sustainable anti-racist, anti-oppressive change in schools through abolitionist pedagogy, healing justice, and transformative justice in partnership with youth, families, community organizers, and educators.

Curriculum vitae