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Natalie May

PhD in Psychology and Social Intervention Student


Year entered Program: 2020

Research Interests: Socioemotional Learning (SEL); Transformative SEL; Mental Health; Education Interventions; Implementation Science; Community-Based Research

Principal Advisor(s): Dr. Elise Cappella, Dr. Erin Godfrey, Dr. Shabnam Javdani

Research Description/Bio: 

Natalie May is a doctoral student in the Psychology and Social Intervention Program at NYU Steinhardt. Her research focuses broadly on understanding how to develop and implement integrated educational, socioemotional, and mental health interventions within school and community-based settings, and how these contexts shape children’s development. Specifically, she is interested in investigating ways to increase the accessibility and cultural relevance of social-emotional learning (SEL) interventions and educational supports by leveraging community knowledge and resources. Natalie approaches her work through a practitioner-focused lens, informed by her time teaching and evaluating preschool interventions while completing her Bachelors and Masters at Wesleyan University. Prior to joining NYU, she served as a Project Coordinator for the Center for Social Development and Education, partnering directly with educators to develop inclusive, extracurricular SEL programming for high school students with and without intellectual disability.

Curriculum vitae