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Toby Williams

Music Adjunct Faculty

Music and Performing Arts Professions

Toby Williams is the director of the music therapy program at The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, which provides music therapy to over one thousand children and adults in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan through outreach and onsite programs. In 2005, Toby started a music therapy program at Reach for the Stars Learning Center and continues her clinical work and intern training working with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders there. An accomplished jazz vocalist, Toby spent many years singing in clubs, recording and doing educational outreach on jazz singing through Carnegie Hall. A graduate of NYU and of Diane Austin’s certificate training in Vocal Psychotherapy, Toby uses voice as a primary instrument to promote growth, development and healing. Toby has offered workshops on how to use the voice and body to promote emotional and physical healing at such institutions as The Kessler Institute, Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center; New York University; Voices of September 11th and My Time, Inc. Through partnerships with Friends Health Connection, Citicorp and Carnegie Hall, Toby developed music therapy programs at New York Presbyterian Hospital on the cardio-thoracic unit and at the Herbert Irving Cancer Center’s Infusion unit. At NYU, Toby is an adjunct professor teaching Introduction to Music Therapy during the spring semester as well as Internship in Music Therapy.


Music Therapy

Music Therapy at NYU Steinhardt helps you combine your love of music and your commitment to helping others for a rewarding professional career.

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