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Susannah Levi

Associate Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies

Communicative Sciences and Disorders


Susannah Levi is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders. Her research focuses on spoken language processing, including how aspects of a listener (e.g., languages spoken, reading ability, language ability) and of a spoken utterance (e.g., native versus nonnative speech, talker familiarity, semantic predictability) interact during processing.

Her past research has examined whether people sound the same when speaking different languages and whether being familiar with a speaker's voice in one language helps a listener understand that speaker in a different language. Her current work expands on this to examine whether children, like adults, also show a processing benefit when listening to familiar talkers. She is also exploring whether language processing can be improved for children and adults with language and reading disorders using speaker familiarity.

Dr. Levi received her doctorate from the Department of Linguistics at the University of Washington, completed a postdoctoral research position in the Department of Brain and Psychological Sciences at Indiana University. Prior to coming to NYU, she taught at the University of Michigan. She is currently the Director of the Undergraduate Program in the Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders.

Acoustic Phonetics and Perception Lab


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Communicative Sciences and Disorders

The Communicative Sciences and Disorders Program offers rigorous training for students seeking high-quality education in speech-language pathology.

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