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Stacie Brensilver Berman headshot

Stacie Brensilver Berman

Visiting Assistant Professor / Residency Director / Social Studies Content Mentor in the NYU Teacher Residency

Teaching and Learning

Stacie Brensilver Berman is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Teaching and Learning department at NYU Steinhardt.  She holds a PhD in Social Studies education from NYU Steinhardt, as well as a Bachelor's degree in History from the University of Pennsylvania and Masters' degrees in Social Studies Education from NYU Steinhardt and History from Hunter College.

Brensilver Berman is the author of the forthcoming LGBTQ+ History in High School Classes in the United States since 1990 (October 2021) and “Books Have Their Own Stories: LGBTQ History in High School U.S. History Textbooks” in Nationhood, Citizenship, Gender and Religion – Comparative Perspectives on Textbook Analysis.   She is also the co-author of “Teaching War Crimes in a Comparative Perspective” in Teaching Recent Global History (2014), “Teaching the Port Huron Statement” in Inspiring Participatory Democracy (2012), “The Civil Rights Movement” in Teaching US History (2010), and journal articles on using project based learning in social studies classes.  She has worked extensively with high school teachers on developing curriculum and navigating the challenges around introducing potentially controversial issues in classrooms, presenting at conferences throughout the United States and working individually with educators teaching topics including LGBTQ+ history, civil rights, students’ rights, and the women’s movement.  

Prior to earning her doctorate, Brensilver Berman was a New York City Public School teacher for ten years.  Her dissertation, "Be Ready to Fight, Because It's Worth It': Efforts to Include LGBTQ History in High School US History Classes, 1990-2017" received an honorable mention for the Steinhardt Outstanding Dissertation Award in 2019.


Social Studies Education

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