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Robert Landy

Professor Emeritus

Music and Performing Arts Professions


Robert J. Landy, Ph.D., is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT), a Registered Drama Therapist (RDT) and Board Certified Trainer (BCT). A pioneer in the profession of Drama Therapy, he lectures and trains professionals internationally. As a drama therapist, Landy has more than 35 years of clinical experience, having treated children and adults with a wide range of psychiatric, cognitive and adjustment challenges. He has recently worked in prisons, developing programs to treat mentally ill offenders as well as the general population within New York State correctional facilities.

At NYU, Robert is a Professor of Educational Theatre and Applied Psychology and Founding Director of the Drama Therapy Program, which he started in 1984.

As researcher and writer, Robert has published and produced numerous books, articles, films and plays in the fields of Drama, Drama Therapy, Musical Theatre and related topics. He has been featured in the media in the educational CBS-TV series Drama in Education, the award-winning documentary film, Standing Tall, and his own production, Three Approaches to Drama Therapy. His 2008 book The Couch and the Stage: Integrating Words and Action in Psychotherapy examined the relationship between psychotherapy and Drama Therapy. His most recent book (with David Montgomery), Theatre for Change: Education, Social Action, Therapy, examines the relationship between Drama Therapy and applied forms of theatre.

Robert has received numerous awards and honors including the Distinguished Teaching Medal from New York University, a Fulbright grant to lecture at the University of Lisbon, the Gertrud Schattner Award for Distinguished Contribution to the Field of Drama Therapy , and the Daniel Griffiths Award from New York University for distinguished research. He has been cited, reviewed and interviewed in numerous publications including The New York TimesThe Village Voice, and The Los Angeles Times.

Selected Publications

  • Handbook of Educational Drama and Theatre (link)
  • Drama Therapy: Concepts and Practices (link)
  • Persona and Performance (link)
  • Drama Therapy: Concepts, Theories and Practices (link)
  • Essays in Drama Therapy: The Double Life (link)
  • How We See God and Why It Matters (link)
  • God Lives in Glass (link)
  • New Essays in Drama Therapy: Unfinished Business (link)
  • The Couch and the Stage: Integrating Words and Action in Psychotherapy (link)
  • Theatre for Change: Education, Social Action and Therapy (link)


Drama Therapy

Translate your theatre skills and love for improvisation into culturally responsible, creative, and effective care in hospitals, shelters, schools, and more.


Group Dynamics

Examination of group dynamics through reading, lecture, discussion, & participation in small experiential groups. Discussion of the processes that occur in the development of groups.
Course #
APSY-UE 1620
Fall, Spring


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