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Peter Jampel

Music Adjunct Faculty

Music and Performing Arts Professions

Peter Jampel has been associated with the Baltic Street Music Therapy Program of South Beach Psychiatric Center since 1973. Formerly the director of day treatment services of this community mental health center, he is currently a consultant and the director of research at this facility. His clinical background in community music therapy includes working for Florence Tyson at the Creative Arts Rehab Center (CARC). Baltic Street has been the recipient of a grant from the Tyson Fund for the past five years.

Dr. Jampel has been an adjunct faculty member in the Music therapy Program since 1983 and currently holds the rank of Adjunct Associate Professor. He also holds a faculty position at Touro College where he teaches courses on Music and Creativity and an Introduction to Music Therapy to a predominantly Orthodox Jewish student population. He has guest lectured in many universities in the United States and abroad.

Dr. Jampel is the former President of the American Association for Music Therapy, Chair and Conference Chair for the National Coalition of Creative Arts Therapy Associations (NCATA), Chair of the NYS Creative Arts therapy Coalition and Founding Chair of the Brooklyn Creative Arts Therapy Committee of the Brooklyn Mental Health Council. Presently he serves on the Board of Directors of Creative Arts as a Global Resource and is an associate editor of Music as a Global Resource (MAGR) Compendium.

Selected Publications:

Hesser, B. & Jampel, P. (2014). Music as a global resource: An initiative in music networking. Music Therapy Today, World Federation of Music Therapy.

Jampel, P. (2013). Connecting across the ocean: Chok Rock and the Baltic Street Band. Voices: A World Forum for Music therapy, 13(1).

Jampel, P. (2012) Creativty and connection in musical performance. Essays on creativity and compassion, Western Connecticut State University.

Jampel, P. (2011). Performance in music therapy: Experiences in five dimensions. Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy, 11(1).

Borczon, R. M., Jampel, P. & Langdon, G.S. (2010). Music therapy with adult survivors of trauma. In Stewart, K. (Ed.) Music therapy & trauma: Bridging theory and clinical practice, New York: Satchnote Press.


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