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Photo of Okhee Lee, PhD

Okhee Lee

Professor of Childhood Education

Teaching and Learning


Okhee Lee is a professor in the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development at New York University. She is widely known for advancing research, policy, and practice that simultaneously promote science and language learning for all students, particularly multilingual learners. Lee was a member of the NGSS writing team and served as leader of the NGSS Diversity and Equity Team. She also was a member of the Steering Committee for the Understanding Language Initiative at Stanford University. Her research involves integrating science, language, and computational thinking with a focus on multilingual learners. Her latest work focuses on justice-centered STEM education to address pressing societal challenges using the case of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lee is the recipient of numerous awards, including:

  • Exemplary Contributions to Practice-Engaged Research Award from the American Educational Research Association (AERA) in 2021
  • Distinguished Service to Science Education Award from the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) in 2020
  • Innovations in Research on Equity and Social Justice in Teacher Education Award from the AERA Division K Teaching and Teacher Education in 2019
  • AERA Fellow in 2009
  • Distinguished Career Contribution Award from the AERA Scholars of Color in Education in 2003

Selected Publications

Lee, O., & Campbell, D. T. (2021). Instructional materials aligned to A Framework for K-12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards [Special issue]. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 32(7).

Lee, O., & Campbell, D. T. (2020). What science and STEM teachers can learn from COVID-19: Harnessing data science and computer science through the convergence of multiple STEM subjects. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 31(8), 932-944.

Lee, O., & Stephens, A. (2020). English learners in STEM subjects: Contemporary views on STEM subjects and language With English learners. Educational Researcher, 49(6), 426-432.

Lee, O. (2019). Aligning English language proficiency standards with content standards: Shared opportunity and responsibility across English learner education and content areas. Educational Researcher, 48(8), 534-542.

Lee, O. (2018). English language proficiency standards aligned with content standards. Educational Researcher, 47(5), 317-327.

Lee, O. (2017). Common Core State Standards for ELA/literacy and Next Generation Science Standards: Convergences and discrepancies using argument as an example. Educational Researcher, 46(2), 90-102.

Lee, O., Quinn, H., & Valdés, G. (2013). Science and language for English language learners in relation to Next Generation Science Standards and with implications for Common Core State Standards for English language arts and mathematics. Educational Researcher, 42(4), 223-233.

Fradd, S. H., & Lee, O. (1999). Teachers' roles in promoting science inquiry with students from diverse language backgrounds. Educational Researcher, 28(6), 14-20, 42.

Lee, O., & Fradd, S. H. (1998). Science for all, including students from non-English language backgrounds. Educational Researcher, 27(4), 12-21.


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