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Nathaniel Jimenez

Nathaniel Jimenez

Adjunct Faculty

Art and Art Professions

Hi ! 

I'm Nathaniel!

I am a Licensed High School Special Education Teacher for the Department of Education of New York City. My favorite part of the work that I do is supporting students in achieving their post secondary school goals. I have been working at Brooklyn International High School since 2017. Brooklyn International High School is part of the consortium network, meaning that our students only take one regents exam and instead present portfolios as their graduation requirements. 

I am also a creator. I create and produce photography and videography independently as well as with local NYC production company Tiger Eye Focus. I have been practicing photography for over a decade and love to share my knowledge with students at Brooklyn International through what we call our "Media Makers Club." 

Working in the ART + ED Department at Steinhardt is an honor. As an adjunct professor, I seek to provide students an experience where they learn to adapt the learning environment they seek to create in order to support students with learning differences, individual education plans, and 504 plans.