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Miriam Eisenstein Ebsworth

Associate Professor of English Education

Teaching and Learning

(212) 998-5195

     Miriam Eisenstein Ebsworth, PhD, is Associate Professor of English Education, currently serving in the Mutilingual Multicultural Studies Unit of the Department of Teaching and Learning in NYU Steinhardt and the Teaching & Learning Teacher Residency Program. She is also the co-founder and academic director of  ISEP, an English conversation and culture program for spouses and families of international students at NYU. in collaboration with the NYU Office of Global Services. Miriam was Director of Doctoral and Post-MA Programs in Multilingual, Multicultural Studies: TESOL and Bilingual Education through 2019.

     An English-dominant speaker from a Yiddish-speaking home in Brooklyn, NY, her language background also includes Spanish, French, and Hebrew. She has worked with second-language learners from K-adult in the Metropolitan area, has mentored second-language teachers and researchers, and has held various leadership positions on local and national levels. She currently represents the Eastern Region on the National Association for Bilingual Education Executive Board Miriam is also the Hebrew language delegate for the New York State Association for Bilingual Education and is an active member of the Hispanic Education Coalition. Finally, she serves on the National and NY State task forces for the Seal of Biliteracy. .

     Many of Miriam Eisenstein Ebsworth's research interests center on cross-cultural communication, with language as a mediator of individual and group perceptions and values. She is also interested in supporting L2 acquisition through the affordances of technology and has contributed to the development of Actionthroughwords, an online English course about the United Nations. She was honored as 2018-2019 Bilingual Teacher of the Year by the New York State Association for Bilingual Education and has received teaching awards from NYU Steinhardt and New York State TESOL. .

Selected Publications

  • Eisenstein Ebsworth, M. & Ebsworth T. (Forthcoming). Challenging perceptions of self and others: Creating a safe space for honesty, exploration and growth. In T. Austin & M. Eisenstein Ebsworth (Eds.),Building Antiracist Communities..
  • Eisenstein Ebsworth, M. (2022). My Hebrew Journey. NYSABE Bilingual Times, Fall 2022 issue, 19-20.
  • Eisenstein Ebsworth, M., Marsh, L., Deschene, D. N & Cai, C. (2022). Latinx adults reflect on their journeys: Retrospective insights into secondary bilingual education and beyond. NABE Journal of Research and Practice.1(1), 1-21.
  • Eisenstein Ebsworth, M. (2021). Special Issue of The Journal of Multilingual Education Research. Guest Editor: 11 (1/2)
  • Eisenstein Ebsworth, M. (2021), Editorial: Socio-cultural and Educational Aspects of Multilingual Multicultural Learners and Communities. Journal of Multilingual Education Research. 11, 5-8.
  • Eisenstein Ebsworth, M., Ebsworth, T. & Cai, C. (2021). Everybody does it: The pragmatics and perceptions of international Chinese graduate students and their American peers regarding gossip. Journal of Multilingual Education Research, Volume 11 (1/2), 9-34.
  • Alubicki, M. F., Broady, C., Chou, A., Ebsworth, M.E., & Sandrock, P. (2020). Literacy and biliteracy: Supporting all learners. The Language Educator. 15:4
  • Pandaharipande,R., David, M. & M. Eisenstein Ebsworth, M.  Eds. (2020). Language Maintenance, Revival and Shift in the Sociology of Religion. Bristol: Multilingual Matters
  • Eisenstein Ebsworth, M., Wildstein, T., & Goldberg, S. (). Development of Hebrew/English biliteracy in a Jewish Day School: Issues of language and identity. In R. Pandaharipande, M. David, M. & M. Eisenstein Ebsworth, (Eds.), Sociology of Language and Religion. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.
  • Eisenstein Ebsworth, M. E., Chai, C. and McCoy, L. (2019). Adolescent ELLs improve their academic English while learning about the UN online. Languages, 4(9), 1-18.doi:10.3390/languages4010009
  • Stevens, L. & Eisenstein Ebsworth, M. (2018). A synergistic approach to the formative assessment of bilingual writing: heightening student and teacher awareness. Writing and Pedagogy, 10(1-2), 241-274.
  • Eisenstein Ebsworth, M., Ebsworth, T., & Cai, C. (2018). English acquisition in Puerto Rico: Teachers’ insights. Bilingual Research Journal. DOI: 10.1080/15235882.2017.1413441
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  • Eisenstein Ebsworth, M., McDonell, T., DeFazio, A., & Cai, C. (2017). Hypertext versus footnotes: High school English learners’ online reading recall. IALLT Journal of Language Learning Technologies, 47(1), 81-115.
  • Verdi, G. & Eisenstein Ebsworth, M. (2017). Literacy development as social practice in the lives of four working-class women. In Thelin, W. & Carter, G. (Eds.), Class in the Composition Classroom: Pedagogy and the Working Class (pp. 298-320). Utah State University Press: Salt Lake City, UT.
  • Cai, C. & Eisenstein Ebsworth, M. (2016). Chinese language or dialect: What’s in a name? NABE Perspectives, 39(1), 18-19.


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