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Kristie Lancaster

Associate Professor; Director, Nutrition PhD Program

Nutrition and Food Studies


Kristie Lancaster is an Associate Professor of Nutrition and registered dietitian. Her work focuses on cultural, psychosocial, and environmental influences on dietary influences on dietary behaviors that affect hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity in vulnerable communities, especially African Americans. In the community, Dr. Lancaster works with faith-based and other community organizations to promote health in Harlem.

Selected Publications

  • Kumanyika S, Taylor WC, Grier SA, Lassiter V, Lancaster KJ, Morssink CB, Renzaho AM. Community energy balance: A framework for contextualizing cultural influences on high risk of obesity in ethnic minority populations. Preventive Medicine. 2012;55:371-381.
  • Lancaster, KJ, Bermudez, OI. Beginning a discussion of nutrition and health disparities. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2011;93(5):1161S-1162S.
  • Horowitz CR, Goldfinger JZ, Muller SE, Pulichino RS, Vance TL, Arniella G, Lancaster KJ. The success of recruiting minorities, women, and elderly into a randomized controlled effectiveness trial. Mt Sinai J Med. 2008;75:37-43.
  • Lancaster KJ. Influence of diet on cardiovascular disease in African Americans, Africans, and African Caribbeans. Current Cardiovascular Risk Reports. 2009;3:181-186.
  • Lancaster KJ, Walker WH, Vance T, Kaskel PJ, Arniella G, Horowitz CR. Food for Life/Comida para la Vida: Creating a food festival to raise diabetes awareness. Progress in Community Health Partnerships 2009;3(4):359-363.
  • Casagrande SS, Whitt-Glover MC, Lancaster KJ, Odoms-Young AM, Gary TL. The built environment and the association with physical activity, dietary behaviors, and obesity among african americans: A systematic review. Am J Prev Med 2009;36(2):174-181.