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Kate Schwartz

Senior Research Scientist, ECDEC

Kate Schwartz, Ph.D., (Research Scientist) Kate Schwartz holds a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy Studies and a PhD in Psychology and Social Intervention from New York University. Her research centers on better understanding how educational and activity settings promote engagement and learning for youth growing up in under-resourced, low-income environments and how to support teachers and parents – and through these key adults, effective educational interventions – in such environments. Within this, she has a particular interest in moving beyond main treatment effects to understand for whom, under what conditions, and how interventions work. Kate worked in not-for-profit organizations for over six years prior to graduate school and is constantly looking for ways to improve collaboration, communication, learning, and engagement between researchers and practitioners. She is thrilled to be part of the incredibly partnership oriented work of this center. During her PhD program, Kate was the Project Director for TIES' Additional Insights project and helped start IHDSC On the Ground: Putting Research to Work for Children. She also collaborated with Publicolor, a NYC not-for-profit, to evaluate the impact on student learning and engagement as a result of transforming the school environment through bright, student-designed paint makeovers.