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Ido Davidesco

Research Assistant Professor

Teaching and Learning

* I will be starting an assistant professor position at the University of Connecticut (UConn) in July 2020

My research merges cognitive neuroscience, psychology, and education. I study how students learn science in real classrooms using portable Electroencephalography (EEG) and eye tracking technology. 

Additionally, with support from NIH and NSF, I develop and evaluate science curricula, educational software and professional development for teachers to enhance classroom-based research experiences 

Selected Publications

Davidesco, I., Laurent, E., Valk, H., West, T., Dikker, S., Milne, C., & Poeppel, D. (Under Review). Brain-to-brain synchrony between students and teachers predicts learning outcomes. Link to preprint

Davidesco, I., & Milne, C. (2019).  Implementing Cognitive Science and Discipline-Based Education Research in the Undergraduate Science Classroom. CBE-Life Sciences Education, 18(3), es4. Full Text

Bevilacqua, D.*, Davidesco, I.*, Wan, L., Oostrik, M., Chaloner, K., Rowland, J., Ding, M., Poeppel, D., & Dikker, S. (2019). Brain-to- Brain Synchrony and Learning Outcomes vary by Student-Teacher Dynamics: Evidence from a real-world classroom EEG study. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 31(3), 401-411. Full Text

(* these authors contributed equally)

Dikker, S., Wan, L., Davidesco, I., Kaggen, L., Oostrik, M., McClintock, J., Rowland, J., Van Bavel, J., Ding, M., & Poeppel, D. (2017). Brain-to-Brain Synchrony Tracks Real-World Dynamic Group Interactions in the Classroom. Current Biology, 27, 1375-1380.  Full Text

Keller, C. J.*, Davidesco, I.*, Megevand, P., Lado, F. A., Malach, R., & Mehta, A. D. (2017). Tuning face perception with electrical stimulation of the fusiform gyrus. Human Brain Mapping, 38(6), 2830-2842.  Full Text

(* these authors contributed equally)

Golan, T., Davidesco, I., Meshulam, M., Groppe, D., Mégevand, P., Yeagle, E., Goldfinger, M., Harel, M., Melloni, L., Schroeder, C. E., Deouell, L., Mehta, A. D., & Malach, R. (2017). Increasing suppression of saccade-related transients along the human visual hierarchy. eLife, 6, e27819. Full Text

Golan, T., Davidesco, I., Meshulam, M., Groppe, D., Mégevand, P., Yeagle, E., Goldfinger, M., Harel, M., Melloni, L., Schroeder, C. E., Deouell, L., Mehta, A. D., & Malach, R. (2016). Human intracranial recordings link suppressed transients rather than 'filling-in' to perceptual continuity across blinks. eLife, 5, e17243. Full Text

Noy, N., Bickel, S., Zion-Golumbic, E., Harel, M., Golan, T., Davidesco, I., Schevon, C. E., McKhann, G. M., Goodman, R.R., Schroeder, C. E., Mehta, A. D., & Malach, R. (2015). Ignition’s glow: Ultra-fast spread of global cortical activity accompanying local “ignitions” in visual cortex during conscious visual perception. Consciousness and Cognition, 35, 206–224. Full Text

Davidesco, I., Zion-golumbic, E., Bickel, S., Harel, M., Groppe, D. M., Keller, C. J., Schevon, C. A., McKhann, G. M., Goodman, R. R., Goelman G., Schroeder, C. D., Mehta A. D., & Malach R. (2014). Exemplar selectivity reflects “canonical” perceptual similarities in the human fusiform cortex. Cerebral Cortex, 24(7), 1879-1893. Full Text

Mégevand, P., Groppe, D. M., Goldfinger, M. S., Hwang, S. T., Kingsley, P. B., Davidesco, I., & Mehta, A. D. (2014). Seeing scenes: Topographic visual hallucinations evoked by direct electrical stimulation of the parahippocampal place area. The Journal of Neuroscience, 34(16), 5399-5405. Full Text

Davidesco, I., Harel, M.,  Ramot, M., Kramer U., Kipervasser, S., Andelman, F., Neufeld, M. Y., Goelman, G., Fried, I., & Malach, R. (2013). Spatial and object-based attention modulates gamma-band responses across the human visual cortical hierarchy. The Journal of Neuroscience, 33(3), 1228-1240. Full Text

Ramot, M., Fisch, L., Davidesco, I., Harel, M., Kipervasser, S., Andelman, F., Neufeld, M. Y., Kramer, U., Fried, I., & Malach, R (2013). Emergence of sensory patterns during sleep highlights differential dynamics of REM and non-REM sleep stages. The Journal of Neuroscience, 33(37), 14715-14728. Full Text

Book Chapters

Poeppel, D., Cogan, G., Davidesco, I., & Flinker, A. (2019). Speech perception: a perspective from lateralisation, motorisation, and oscillation. In G.I. de Zubicaray & N.S. Schiller (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Neurolinguistics. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. Full Text


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