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Erica Saldívar García

Clinical Assistant Professor of TESOL/Bilingual/Foreign Language Education

Teaching and Learning

Dr. Erica Saldívar García is Clinical Assistant Professor of TESOL, Bilingual, and Foreign Language Education in the Multilingual Multicultural Studies (MMS) program in the Department of Teaching and Learning. Her areas of research include the bilingualism and biliteracy of multilingual youth, raciolinguistic and literacy ideologies, and language education policy. Her most recent work, Racioliteracies: Race and Subjectivity in the Teaching of Spanish to Bilingual Latinx Students, a dissertation in reading/writing/literacy, explored the concept of proficiency as applied to bilingual Latinx students in world and heritage language courses. She is currently working with the Center for Standards, Alignment, Instruction, and Learning (C-SAIL), where she studies the role of standards reform in the education of students who are labeled English Learners.

Dr. Saldívar García has worked with language educators in various leadership roles to develop world language and bilingual programming for multilingual students in Camden, New Jersey. 


Foreign Language Education

Gain the language and pedagogy skills to teach Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish to learners from diverse educational and ethnic backgrounds.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Prepare for a career as a teacher, researcher, or curriculum developer in ESL, working with learners from diverse linguistic and educational backgrounds.

Bilingual Education

Our Bilingual Education program prepares teachers, researchers, and curriculum developers to work in bilingual education at all levels.