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Diana Alejandra Castro Ramirez

Music Adjunct Faculty

Music and Performing Arts Professions

Pana Li is the name of the project with which Diana Castro explores the use of design, technology, and music for self-transformation—both for individuals as well as for environments and communities.

Diana, a Mexican designer, art director, and DJ/producer based in Brooklyn, designs music experiences, from visual identities for musical projects and album covers to interactive installations for festivals, DJ performances, and sonic experiments. She works in digital spaces when she designs web apps for music making with the MusEDLab (NYU Music Experience Design Lab) as well as physical ones, for example with the electronic textile synthesizers she creates for her project Mágico Real, which explores shamanism, ritual, and identity through performance, new media and technology.

She holds a Bachelor of Information Design from UDLAP Mexico and a master's from The Integrated Digital Media Program at NYU Tandon, with a focus on designing experiences for music engagement and wellbeing.

Diana is also part of the record label Etoro Records in Berlin, co-founder of Dislocada, an open platform that shows data of women in music through interactive data visualization, and adjunct professor at NYU Steinhardt teaching Designing Technologies and Experiences for Music. On the side, she runs her mindfulness design label Magic Objects.


Music Education

Prepare to become a music educator in school, international, studio, and community settings as you develop your artistic and instructional skills in NYC.

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