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David W. Ramsey

Music Adjunct Faculty

Music and Performing Arts Professions

David Ramsey is currently involved in various educational productions that involve the use of music and imagery to explore psychological and spiritual-development themes. He received his master’s degree in Music Therapy at New York University in 1984 and completed his doctorate in Music Therapy from New York University in 2002. Dr. Ramsey was hired by Kings County Hospital as a Creative Arts Supervisor during the reconstruction of their psychiatric services in 2007 where he served as a Treatment Team Coach and Policy & Procedure Advisor for 8 years. He was the Assistant Director of the Music Therapy Department at Beth Abraham Health Services (Clinical Services) for ten years and serves as an adjunct faculty member at NYU Steinhardt.

He has developed neurological rehabilitation programs that utilize MIDI information to track rehabilitation progress and has created adaptive MIDI equipment for rehabilitation exercises. Dr. Ramsey has conducted research on the musical behaviors of aphasic patients and has created musically assisted speech programs to address the special needs of this population. As the director of Maywood University’s graduate Music Therapy program, he helped develop a new curriculum and taught all core courses. He has served as the Executive Director for the American Association for Music Therapy as well as the Executive Director of the Creative Arts Rehabilitation Center, the first Music Therapy Center developed in the United States. He served as the president of the National Registry for Music Therapy for 12 years. Dr. Ramsey has published articles in multiple music therapy publications as well as articles in several International Occupational Therapy Journals.


Music Therapy

Music Therapy at NYU Steinhardt helps you combine your love of music and your commitment to helping others for a rewarding professional career.

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