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Catherine Milne

Professor of Science Education

Teaching and Learning


Catherine Milne is professor in science education at New York University. Her research interests include the role of material culture in teaching and learning, socio-cultural elements of teaching and learning science, the role of the history of science in learning science and models of teacher education. She is author of The Invention of Science: Why History of Science Matters for the Classroom (2011). Her co-edited volumes include Sociocultural Studies and Implications for Science Education: The Experiential and the Virtual(2015) and Material Practice and Materiality: Too Long Ignored in Science Education (2019)She is co-Editor-in-Chief for the international journal, Cultural Studies of Science Educationand co-editor of two book series, one for Springer Nature and the other, Brill Sense Publishers.


Science Education

Become an effective science educator and leader in schools and nonprofits, and turn your passion for science into a career that makes a difference.

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Biodiversity and the Earth System

This course will take you on a journey of exploration that challenges the assumptions you have about the Earth and Life. You will learn to use the tools of science, inquiry and investigation while exploring the urban environment of New York City and biodiversity and extinction in London and Lyme Regis.
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Teaching and Learning